Teen Titans is one the greatest superhero cartoons. Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are diverse and charismatic heroes. The show has an excellent mix of humor and drama, and fans are still mourning the show’s cancellation and reboot as Teen Titans GO! There’s so many characters and stories that are still unexplored. The children’s version of the teen cartoon just doesn’t have the complexity of the original series.

Almost twelve years after the series ended, fans are still creating content for the beloved cartoon. Fan fiction and art keeps the original characters and stories alive. Even with the cancellation, fans can still enjoy five seasons of canon story. The show didn’t spoonfeed the audience information, so many questions were left unanswered at the end of the series.

With several cities full of superheroes and villains, there’s bound to be more than one battle royale, and the cartoon showed these more than once. Interestingly, at the end of most of them, it was still unclear which character was the most powerful. The abilities are just as diverse as the characters. Some characters are strong fighters, others use technology, some use magic, and others are simply master manipulators. While this list does not include every character on the show (it would be a much, much longer list if it did), it does outline who uses their abilities the best and wields the most potential. Each character has his or her own strengths and weakness—which is part of what makes the show so great—but some are clearly stronger than others.

30 Silkie

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Silkie is physically the weakest character on Teen Titans. He has a relatively peaceful nature, and, though he has some abilities, they pale in comparison to the others on the show. His ability to eat virtually anything gives him some advantage over the average civilian or insect, but he seems more interested in using them to annoy the Titans rather than use them to his advantage in battle.

However, Silkie has one major boon: people care about him. His cuteness and the bond he creates with the Titans means that he has an advantage in nearly every situation. Unlike his brothers and sisters, who are never seen again, Silkie lives a luxurious lifestyle. Even when he does practically everything possible to push the Titans away, they still come to his rescue.


29 Dr. Light

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Dr. Light sounds cooler than he actually is. While an electric villain has the potential to be both cool and deadly, Dr. Light is neither. Instead, he is one of the cheesiest villains on the show. He depends heavily on puns (a supervillain classic, but the light puns get old quick), and he has many weaknesses. His intense fear of Raven has derailed his plans in the past. Though she is, in some ways, the embodiment of horror, this is still a huge drawback.

The other big issue with Dr. Light is that he depends heavily on his suit. Without it, he is extremely weak, even weaker than the average person, according to the show. His suit gives him some cool abilities, but, ultimately, it’s the only thing about him that puts him on the level of the Titans.

28 Control Freak

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Control Freak is more of an annoyance to the Titans than a strong adversary. Similar to Dr. Light, his only real power comes from his remote. However, he is able to take his enemies to other dimensions and break the fourth wall, which puts him slightly higher on the list. Meta knowledge is powerful and being able to change the battlefield at will is a mighty boon.

However, Control Freak isn’t even the best at what he does. While his whole shtick revolves around geeking out, he is still second to Beast Boy. While Beast Boy spends much of his time goofing off by playing games and watching television and movies, he still more or less honors his commitments with the Titans. Control Freak should feasibly have more time on his hands, yet he is still bested.

27 Mad Mod

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Higher up on the list is Mad Mod. Mad Mod has many of the issues discussed previously: physically, he’s weak and aging and he has just one trick. Still, Mad Mod’s powers are far more useful than Control Freak’s or Dr. Light’s. Using his illusions and mind control, he can force entire cities to act on his will. This is no small feat.

Still, Mad Mod is a lot of flair and not a lot of substance. Once the Titans figured out that his tricks were illusions, he was pretty easy to beat. As the show went on, the Titans saw less and less of Mad Mod, even though he was a part of the Brotherhood of Evil storyline. To make up for his many weaknesses, he’s seen in his youthful state at the end of the show. This makes him stronger, but, ultimately, he’s one of the weaker villains.

26 Newfu

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The Newfu episode was one of the weirdest in Teen Titans history. A filler episode for Raven’s arc during the fourth season, Beast Boy fought talking, evil tofu. Using mopeds, cows, and vegetarianism, Beast Boy defeated Newfu, and then Cyborg mistakenly ate it.

Newfu has allegedly conquered entire worlds. It was well on its way to conquering this world as well until Beast Boy’s manic planning defeated it. While a conqueror of worlds should be an intimidating villain, Newfu’s weakness to water made him incredibly easy to defeat. Literally using a squirt gun, Beast Boy solved the invasion by himself. Perhaps on other planets, Newfu is more intimidating, but, on a planet that’s 70% water, he’s just a silly piece of tofu.

25 Atlas

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Atlas is able to shield himself from many of the attacks thrown at him. His robotic body allows him to bust through the Titans and throw off damage with little issue. However, it is robotic nature that is his downfall. The humanity of each of the Titans allows them to excel where Atlas plateaus. While he’s limited to his machinery, Cyborg and his friends can push themselves farther.

Additionally, he is totally dependent on Spike, his mechanic. Though he is seen later in the series without Spike, he is still dependent on others (in this case, The Brotherhood of Evil). Without assistance from others, Atlas is nearly useless. Despite his strength and metal shell, he falls apart quickly in situations that don’t go exactly according to his plan.

24 Más Y Menos

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Más y Menos are super speedsters. These Guatemalan twins can outrun nearly any vehicle. They also have an implied telepathic connection to one another. Though they are young, they are already members of Titans East. However, when separated, each twin is nearly defenseless.

Having powers dependent on such a specific factor places them on the lower end of this list. Still, the twins have potential. They’re the youngest members of Titans East, and, as we’ve seen with other characters, powers can develop as a hero (or villain) ages. It’s possible that the twins mental connection may eventually replace their physical need to be in contact with one another. Or, they might just get better at keeping in contact. Either way, the twins have a long career ahead of them.

23 Speedy

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Despite the name, Speedy isn’t another speedster. Instead, he’s an archer and Green Arrow’s apprentice in the comics. Speedy is physically strong, dexterous, and good at creating a plan on the fly. Though he and Robin competed against one another on their first introduction, they grew to become allies, though their relationship remained somewhat contentious.

Speedy’s greatest drawback is his reliance on archery against superpowered beings and his jealousy of Robin. Like Robin, he is able to hold his own in battle, but he still has greater physical limitations than his friends. His jealousy of Robin causes him to stop thinking clearly and make mistakes and decisions he wouldn’t have otherwise. For these reasons, he’s one of the weakest heroes. However, like Más y Menos, he has a great deal of potential to grow.

22 Aqualad

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Aqualad is another well-known character from the comics. On the show, he is a member of Titans East and the object of infatuation for Raven and Starfire. His powers are similar to his abilities in other media. He has control over marine life and water. However, like others on this list, that is very specific. Though he may be able to best some of the villains on the show by himself, he’s best suited to a supportive role, preferably near water.

Aqualad’s powers are worse versions of the abilities of other characters on this list because of their specificity. While Beast Boy doesn’t necessarily have control over fish, he can turn into any marine animal as well as any land animal. Other characters have the ability to manipulate all matter, including water. It isn’t limited to Aqualad, but the Atlanteans are strongest against underwater adversaries.

21 Adonis

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Adonis, like the Greek mythological character, is very, very strong. His massive size and powersuit make him a great adversary for the heroes in the show. His superhuman strength combats the powers of others well, but his Achilles’ heel is that he is utterly dependent on the suit.

Adonis is much harder to get out of his suit than Dr. Light, which places him higher on the list. His suit is constructed with fewer exploitable flaws, though the heroes still manage to find them. By simply kicking the parts of the suit that extend beyond his actual limbs, the suit falls apart. Once he is outside of the suit, he’s helpless. He is totally unable to stand up to all of the trash talk he gives while in the suit.

20 Bumblebee

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Bumblebee is the strongest member of Titan’s East. She doesn’t have a clear exploitable weakness. Unlike the others, short of physical or mental restraints, she can use her abilities with little issue. Bumblebee has the abilities of a bumblebee. She can shrink in size and buzz around her enemies. She’s also skilled in hand-to-hand fighting.

However, Bumblebee’s powers can only be used in so many ways. While shrinking is size is useful, it’s often used as a supportive ability. It’s the strongest of the members of Titans East, but not the strongest in the universe overall. Bumblebee uses her powers in interesting ways, but her cockiness is her downfall. If she doesn’t keep one step ahead of her enemy, they can and will defeat her.

19 Mother Mae-Eye

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Mother Mae-Eye only appears in a few episodes of Teen Titans, but her power is clearly intense. She’s able to overcome all of the Titans almost immediately. It’s only an accident that Starfire was brought back from under her spell. She easily had the potential to permanently defeat the entire team. In a single episode, she came very close to what most other villains dream of doing.

Unfortunately for Mother Mae-Eye, once her shtick is figured out, it’s hard to fall for it again. Though she is clearly very powerful, placing all of your mind control abilities into a pie isn’t the wisest decision. If she were to mix up her motif, then the Titans would have a powerful enemy. As it stands though, Mother Mae-Eye is powerful, but ultimately has only one trick.

18 Johnny Rancid

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Though Johnny Rancid has no innate powers, he has great talents. His motorcycle assists him in his villainy, and his technical knowledge comes in handy more than once. Additionally, his sharpshooting abilities are practically superhuman. He’s well-rounded enough and physically strong enough that he doesn’t become utterly helpless without his toys, but they do enhance his abilities.

When affected by Larry’s power, he becomes one of the strongest villains on the show. Though this power was temporary, he was clearly comfortable with wielding it, and his hastily-formed plan very nearly succeeded. If the power would have become permanent, he would have easily been a major villain for the teen team. Even without the power, he is still a formidable opponent.

17 Robin

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Though he is stronger than many of the characters on the show, Robin is the weakest of the Titans. His main skills are his training is martial arts and leadership. While his fighting is often adequate, it’s addressed several times throughout the series that his training is incomplete. Despite being a manic workaholic, Robin struggles to keep up with some of his more powerful peers.

Robin’s leadership also has room for improvement. While he may excel in battle tactics, he often breaks his own rules. His position seems to result from the fact that the other Titans struggle to hold him accountable for his actions. Robin is second (or third or fourth) best to other characters in nearly every aspect. However, he does grow up to become Nightwing, so, in the canon of the series, he eventually becomes more powerful.

16 Gizmo

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Gizmo has potential. He ranks above the other gadget and suit types on this list because of the sheer amount of technology that he uses. Gizmo isn’t limited to a single vehicle or suit. Instead, he covers himself in his technology. With the numerous gadgets, it’s difficult to fully separate Gizmo from what makes him powerful.

However, it is possible. Gizmo is still nearly always defeated whenever he goes into battle. Though he can overpower civilians and some other superpowered characters, by the end of the episode, he’s defeated again. It doesn’t seem that any amount of gadgetry can prevent this outcome. While he can take one hero on at a time, he eventually gets overwhelmed. His attitude also holds him back, as his immaturity causes his teammates and potential allies to leave him behind.

15 Cinderblock

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Cinderblock had immense power. He never gets tired, and it’s usually only when all of the heroes band together that he is defeat. Prisons can’t hold him, and he is a constant pain in the Titan’s side. His stamina is unmatched, and his strength is a force to be reckoned with.

However, Cinderblock is usually unable to act on his own. He’s a powerful ally to more intelligent villains, but his personal plans usually just involve destroying things until he’s stopped. In the larger scheme of things, it isn’t productive. There’s no end goal for Cinderblock. His destruction usually causes chaos, but it just happens to be what he’s drawn to. He’s not evil as much as he does evil acts. This motivational neutrality prevents him from executing large scale plans by himself. If he were more intelligent, he would be nearly unstoppable.

14 Kid Flash

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Kid Flash is recognizable even outside the context of the show. Wally West is the apprentice to The Flash, a superhero popular in comics, television shows, and movies. In the Teen Titans iteration, Kid Flash is powerful, but he doesn’t outshine the other heroes.

His abilities derived from his super speed make him so much more than just someone who is really, really fast. He can regenerate and create electricity, but his powers easily exhaust him. His stamina is enough to get him through a battle, but not long enough for more extended missions. Once this weakness is found out, it’s easy enough for villains to prevent him from recharging. Still, he’s strong enough that he can defeat most of the characters before this happens.

13 Terra

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Love her or hate her, fans have to admit that Terra is powerful. Her earth-moving abilities frequently come in handy during the course of the show. She’s able to move large boulders and cause earthquakes using only her mind. It’s clear why she was readily welcomed onto the Titans team, even if it proved to be ill-advised.

Terra, however, struggles with herself. It’s unclear where her allegiances lay, and, for someone whose powers come from their force of will, she doesn’t seem to have that strong of a will. During her arc, she struggles with deciding if she wants to be good or evil. Like Starfire, her passion makes her strong, but it comes out of frustration rather than righteous fury. While her powers are useful and strong, her morality is not. For having earth powers, she isn’t very grounded.

12 Blackfire

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Starfire’s Sister, Blackfire, is powerful, even by Titan and Tamaranean standards. In addition to her ability to use blackbolts and fly, she is a master manipulator, and even eventually takes the highest throne in Tamaran. She is a talented fighter and can often manipulate others into giving her what she wants. However, she is less powerful than her sister and her friends.

Though Blackfire is older, she is the weaker sister. While Blackfire may see Starfire’s naïveté as a weakness, Starfire’s personality draws others to her. Blackfire also is empowered by her connections to others, but they are far less sturdy. Her relationships are built on falsehoods and shady dealings. Starfire has more genuine relationships, and her allies fight for her without question. Plus, Starfire harness her power in more useful ways.

11 Cyborg

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Cyborg’s future shown in the show is somewhat bleak. Like Atlas, Cyborg depends on the technology and knowledge of others. However, this is not to the same extent as Atlas, as Cyborg clearly knows how his body works and is able to repair it. Still, in the future, he finds himself tethered to the tower.

Cyborg’s placement on this list isn’t solely the result of an alternate future. Cyborg also underestimates himself throughout the series. When he gained his cybernetic enhancements, he became more powerful, but he also began to doubt himself more. Cyborg is more careful than many members of the Titans, including Robin, and his knowledge in a variety of subjects should put him a better position to be the leader of the Titans. Though he has more potential, his self-doubt holds him back.

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