The success of Pokémon and Digimon inspired the launch of a trail of ambitious creature catchers, the torchbearer of which was Crema's savvy TemtemThe PC equivalent of Pokémon has amassed substantial praise for its diversified environments, competitive battles, and improved MMO-formula. And the appraisal for the game only continues to grow with the spectacular upgrades that regularly spruce up Temtem. The latest is Temtem's Kisiwa Island update - which introduces a roll of new monsters, areas and techniques - is now live, voguishly boosting the game's popularity and user engagement. Temtem's new update comes along with an eclipsed caveat, though – a price hike that isn't advertised in the trailers.

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Temtem's new update adds its eponymous Kisiwa Island to the game. Tagging alongside it are 23 new species for, a bunch of new attack animations and biomes, and a specialized climbing gear that will enable players to traverse between different areas. The details of the new upgrade were revealed in an official trailer, which was released only a day before the update's availability.


You can check out the trailer below:

Temtem's Kisiwa island also offers an exclusive quest for tamers. The multiplayer's new locale has been invaded by the sinister Clan Belesto and its notorious leader General X. Players must, therefore, endeavour to reclaim the island from trespassers, and while doing so they need also overcome the challenges posed by rival trainers and new monsters. Besides a fresh in-game storyline, Temtem's multi-faceted update also enhances the game's social interface. There is a new chat facility that enables players to communicate privately. In addition to that, there is an inventive Club system where up to 50 users can gather and set up customized banners. IGN reports that this new Club feature is likely to receive more updates in the future.

Temtem's new Kisiwa island update has introduced new temtem, areas, and attacks to the game

Crema had sketched out its future plans for Temtem in a mid-term roadmap that was released earlier this year. The blueprint outlines some of Temtem's new and forthcoming islands, including the Kisiwa island and it also talks about how Crema plans to profit on its crowdfunded game and its successive updates. According to Temtem's mid-term roadmap, the game's price will witness an incremental hike with the addition of each and every update. The addition of the Kisiwa island, for instance, has rocketed the game's price from $35 to $37.50. Temtem's early access version; however, is still priced at the original 13.99 dollars.

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Temtem had crashed into a technical malaise when it was first launched in Early access mode this January, but it promptly addressed its bugs and picked up from where it had left. Temtem's frequent updates are pushing up people's interest in the game, but - at the same time- the ever-increasing market price is depriving the game of its customer base. What Temtem needs to know is that it's not Pokémon yet. So it needs to be more accessible to gamers if it intends to contend against a well-established, multi-billion dollar franchise.

Source: IGN

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