The terminally ill Borderlands fan from last year is still around and even got a copy of the finished game on release day.

Last we heard from Trevor Eastman, he was battling stage 4 stomach and liver cancer with the help of 2K games and a pre-release copy of Borderlands 3. After Eastman's tragic story blew up on Twitter, a company representative flew out to see Trevor and brought with him a trial copy of the game.

"I just wanted to thank you all so much for helping make this dream come true," Eastman said at the time. "It means the world to me that you all cared enough to do that for me."

Last May, Trevor was given a year to live, which meant that he wouldn't be around long enough to catch Borderlands 3 when it was released on September 13th. But it looks like he "got lucky" in that he's still here and now gets a crack at the finished product.

Trevor posted an update on the Borderlands subreddit to let everyone know he's still around and even got a digital copy of the game courtesy of Gearbox. However, it's not all good news. Trevor’s condition has deteriorated after an extended hospital stay. He’s off chemo as he can no longer keep solid foods down. He’s now living in a hospice, but at least he has Borderlands 3 to keep him going.


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And on top of that, Gearbox gave Trevor an added gift: his very own unique shotgun. Called the “Trevonator”, it’s a Malian shotgun that can swap between cryo and corrosive elements, and also sports an extra-large spray radius. The red text on the item card reads, “Trev is gunna get you!”

Trevor shared a few images in his Reddit post, which shows a shotgun complete with unique design elements and even a logo.

Our hearts are with you, Trevor. Here’s to a few more runs through Pandora and all the other weird and wonderful worlds found in Borderlands.

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