All gamers are guilty of committing horrible acts or atrocities in their favorite video games. Whether we did it because we were growing bored with the game’s objectives, or because this was our intention when we turned on the game, the results are always the same: utter chaos. We like to see the world collapse around us because it doesn’t affect us in any way, and we don’t care about the NPCs. We’re real sociopaths in their coded minds, and they would fear all players if they had the capacity to do so.

On PC, it’s easier to create an apocalyptic environment because modding is easy. However, it’s possible to be just as terrible while playing an unmodded console game that allows horrible possibilities, like sacrificing NPCs into volcanoes or hogtying them. From serial murders, to creeping up on NPCs, to the point they prefer jumping in front of a car than dealing with you, there are many messed up things console gamers have done.

But the messed up stories are not always in the game. Sometimes, they’re around it. People have hired hitmen and attacked each other because of video games. They’ve taken their beef to the real world and even ended up in front of a judge for grave actions they committed.

This list is about these stories. From weird to plain messy, they cover 25 tales of “What the Heck?” that really happened to the gaming community and deserve to be told. Get ready, this is sure to be interesting!

25 Not Very Good Guards

I swear some gamers could be featured in the Criminal Minds series with what they’ve done to NPCs. Assassin’s Creed II is, in my opinion, the best game of the series. Ezio is just amazing, and the gameplay possibilities of this game are so great! But with great gameplay comes great possibilities to cause chaos.

A player created a scene in AC2 in a way that can only be considered as a work of art. He started by poisoning these guards who have massive axes, as they stood in the middle of civilians. Being poisoned, they became berserk, and started to swing their weapons around like madmen. Unsatisfied by the carnage at work, the player then decided to throw money at the berserk soldiers’ feet. Chaos soon followed, as civilians threw themselves at the money and the guards. Not many NPCs survived. RIP.


24 Los Santos Psycho

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The Grand Theft Auto series is a work of art. A violent, immoral, ridiculous, work of art. The missions are awesome, and some characters are just plain over-the-top (yes, I’m thinking about Trevor, that psycho-machine in GTA V). Personally, I enjoyed GTA III the most because the amount of chaos I created was never topped in any other game in the series.

Honestly, who has never stolen a car in the middle of the street, and drove for kilometers on the sidewalk, laughing maniacally as the pedestrians either jumped in front of your car or flew in the air as you ran over them? Trying to drive like a normal person in GTA is basically impossible. The need to create anarchy is too strong! It’s also very satisfying to run on the sidewalk and punch people, sometimes making NPCs attack each other for no apparent reason. I just love GTA!

23 Mod The Game

All in all, I don’t know if there’s a game that in its vanilla version can compete with how messed up they can become once they’ve been modded. There are countless examples of console games which were modded and became particularly weird. And yes, you can mod your console games. It takes more effort than mod your PC games, but players have done it!

Bare Skin mods are by far the most popular for pretty much all the games out there (even Minecraft). When available, mods to make things more "expressive" are also very popular. There is also custom content that adds side-stories to your games, like the one for GTA: Vice City in which you can court a lady, bring her to a coffee shop, and then convince her to come back home with you. The possibilities are infinite!

22 You Ever Hit A Guy With Another Guy's Head?

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) did it in the fifth season of the Walking Dead: he took some walker’s head and hit someone else with it. It was a glorious and disgusting scene that all got us thinking “Dang, I’d hit a dude with another dude’s head”, but we never did it in the end. Except for one Fallout III player. He did it.

That player is the kind of creative psycho you'd see on Criminal Minds. He got a kick out of killing people and grabbing their heads and used it as a weapon against the victims’ significant other. Can you imagine how messed up that is? You learn the love of your life has been brutally incapacitated by a weird dweller, when that same psychopath finds you and hits you with your lost one’s head! This is nuts!

21 The Ultimate-er Sacrifice


I love watching livestreams of Mario 64 on Twitch. This game makes the best speedruns (and the most frustrating ones). Each time I watch a livestream of it, I remember how bad I was at it. When we transitioned to the analog stick on the N64, a lot of players were bad with these new controls. I was one of them for a while. I was young and got the hang of it at some point, but I still remained pretty bad at Mario 64.

There was, however, one atrocity that we all committed in that game. Whether we were good or bad, we did it. And if we played today, we’d probably commit that crime again. We ALL dropped the baby penguin out of the map, in front of its crying mother to make it worse. What kind of messed up people are we? The best kind.

20 Live Stream Justice

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When you succeed as a streamer, you build a community of fans, and sometimes they are ridiculously dedicated to you. For one streamer, their fans were invaluable. A gamer was streaming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Xbox Live when two robbers broke into their flat (this happened in Melbourne), and robbed the player in front of the camera. After hitting the streamer with a handgun and threatening him with a knife, the robbers stole a laptop, mobile phones, the broadcasting Xbox, and games.

Luckily, no one was hurt. Luckier, a person watching the stream called the police, which led to the arrest of the primary suspect two hours after the attack. He later received an eight years sentence. However, the second thief hasn’t been caught yet, despite the police’s effort.

19 Not Everyone Gets To Survive

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This one atrocity is inherent to the game itself. There’s nothing you can do about it, as a player, but realize how messed up Majora’s Mask is. This Zelda game was the immediate sequel to the fan-favorite Ocarina of Time, and took place in Termina, a country meant to perish. The time system forces the player to always go back in time because of its strict three-day schedule until the world is destroyed. However, have you ever realized that when you go back in time, the people you saved are unsaved?

This is horrible. Think about the Gorons: you save them from freezing to death after a monster has taken over their land. Then you go back in time, that monster is back, and the Gorons are going to freeze to death again. Except, now you’re off to save the Zoras instead. In the end, does Link saves anyone?

18 Stop Right There, You Criminal Scum!

I LOVE the Elder’s Scroll series, but Oblivion remains my top game in this franchise. There were so many amazing bugs, and the quests for the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild were just the best.

So anyway, here’s what I did: I went into some town’s crypt under the local temple of whatever-deity, and woke up a corpse. So far, so good. I didn’t fight the creature because I was a scaredy-cat (I literally always play Khajiits) and an archer, so I ran away. I go outside and start doing my business: go into shops and speak with locals, when I hear guards shouting and sword fighting. I go on a rooftop and, ladies and gentlemen, there’s the corpse I woke up, running around the town, killing civilians and being pursued by guards (who get confused and kill even more civilians). Needless to say, this was a good day!

17 Abusive Letters

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I love life simulator games such as Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. These games are like sandboxes with a little more structure and story, which makes them quite rich. One cool thing about the latter title, is that you can write stuff to your animal neighbors.

Since you were writing the letter yourself, it was possible to put whatever content you wanted in it. Some players took it upon himself to make things real by being super abusive to his neighbors, as you can see in the picture above. The town’s friendly animals weren’t as motivated as he hoped to build a bridge, and that got him upset, so he did what every bad neighbor in criminal tv shows do: he became a jerk. Not cool.

16 Cadavers In The Doorway

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This is the mother of all glitches. When we discovered it (my friends and I), we spent days reproducing it and laughing until our cheeks and lungs hurt. In Oblivion, it was possible to put a cadaver in a doorway, and when you’d close the door, the corpse would start twitching uncontrollably forever. Opening and closing the door a few times would make the body kind-of fusion with it, and distort in weird ways.

It was creepily funny to do so, and a great way to take revenge on local guards who were keeping me from slaying everyone and robbing everything. Yet, if you think about it, it was something so messed up to do! We literally played with dead bodies and humiliated them beyond death for our entertainment! What a twisted thing to do!

The Legend of Zelda is a series that sparked my imagination as a kid and will forever be a part of me. I know I’m not the only gamer who fell in love with the universe because the fanbase for Zelda is HUGE. This said, their latest title for the Wii U and the Switch was something different from all the games before. Breath of the Wild is majestic, the music is amazing, and the possibilities to be naughty are infinite.

Here are a few messed up stories from players of BotW: one dude wanted to domesticate monsters like he did with animals, so he started giving them food. Of course, it did not work, and he got game over-ed quite a few times. Another person decided to bring living skeletons heads to Kakariko and watched the folks go crazy. Link is just a total beast in this game!

14 Be The Greatest Jerk

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We all love games in which our decisions influence the story. The Dragon Age series is particularly good at this, giving the player an illusion that they control what is happening. Truth is, this is just a script with conditions, and everything has been written in advance. I’m sorry if I broke your world by pointing this out.

A Dragon Age: Inquisition player decided to do what we all wanted to but never did: they made a character who’d be the ultimate jerk by being the meanest and cruelest possible, and taking all the bad decisions. So after destroying their relationship with their comrades and sacrificing people whom they could have saved, they still became the hero Thedas needed. So, in the end, does the player’s choices really matter? I fear not!

13 Those Poor Animals

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Have you ever decided to take revenge against the world by blowing stuff up in video games? We all did, but some of us are worse than others. Animal abuse is not something I can accept, whatever the cause. But in the video gaming world, it’s a little less disturbing (I guess).

However, some gamers enjoy being real jerks by hurting poor little animals in games, or being mean to them. In Grand Theft Auto V, a player accidentally kicked a puppy into the Moon (figure of speech) by trying to pick him up, and failing. In Skyrim, you are a public enemy if you hurt these cute foxes who run around you in the wild; In Zelda, I forgive you if you hit the Cuccoos because they deserve it. Just don’t do any of these things in the real world!

12 Creeper Level Is Over 9000!

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Being a creep is unacceptable, but some people can’t help it. They’re born creepy, and will remain so. What’s cool in video games is you can be the inner creep you’ve always dreamed to be without much consequences. Well, for you. But the NPCs being creeped upon really go crazy sometimes!

The best stories come from the Grand Theft Auto series because of how paranoid and volatile NPCs are. A player decided to be the greatest stalker of all times, and started to follow a random NPC through their everyday routine. Of course, the poor AI freaked out quickly enough, and started to run around, terrified. The player followed, and chaos happened. The NPC, gone completely crazy, ended up jumping in front of a car, which ran over it because it’s GTA. That’s a beautifully messed up story!

11 Nuke Them All

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What do players do when they get bored in a FPS game? They blow everything up! That’s precisely what gamers have been doing in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. There are countless stories of players deciding to destroy everything and everyone with guns and other weapons. However, there’s nothing exactly as satisfying as dropping a bomb in the middle of a town or just plainly shooting a mini-nuke to some random NPC.

Of course, the Fallout series is not the only one in which you can nuke stuff and people. A lot of other FPS or RPG games allow it (like GTA). It’s a catharsis and it makes you feel like the ultimate Evil Overlord as you laugh maniacally at the sight of all the carnage you’ve caused. Or maybe it’s just me?

10 Beyond Teabagging

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This story should be featured in the definition of the expression, “messed up”. A Counter-Strike gamer in France had his character killed and tea-bagged during an online session. Having terrible anger issues, the player took it upon himself to deliver real justice to the player who had humiliated him.

It took the dedicated guy six months to figure out his new nemesis’ identity and to, finally, locate him. Lucky for him (unlucky for the other Counter-Strike player), he discovered that his arch-enemy lived very close to him. So, the dude decided to take his revenge out of the virtual world and bring it to reality. He stalked his prey and stabbed him in the chest. Happily, the victim didn’t suffer fatal injuries and the messed-up gamer was brought in front of the real justice system for prosecution.

9 Hiring A Hitman


This one is almost as crazy as the tea-bagging story. There’s a whole community of very hardcore gamers in China. This behavior often irritates parents and relatives, who often force their kids to go play outside when they spend too much time on video games. But what do you do when your kid is an adult, who refuses to get a job and leave the house because they’re playing online non-stop?

A father in China decided he had enough of his gamer son who was unemployed and parasitic. He then hired a hitman whose job was to sit around all day, wait for the son to connect on his favorite FPS game, and immediately kill him. This lasted well over a month before the son figured it out and confronted his father. It is reported that they worked things out together, in the end.

8 Where The Sun Don't Shine Anymore

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This one is not a player’s story, but it’s still very messed up and just... part of the game. In Super Mario Sunshine (the first game ever to give me migraines and make me nauseous), there’s a very weird subplot that creeped out players: Bowser Jr. thinks Princess Peach is his mom, and she seems to think this is possible!

This means that, at some point, Princess Peach had relations with King Bowser (yes, that giant spiked turtle), and eventually gave birth to something that could look like a baby spiked-turtle. If this is not terribly messed up, I don’t know what is! In the end, Bowser Jr. mentions that he knows Princess Peach is not his mom but wishes she was. The poor boy just wanted a motherly figure in his life.

7 Taking "Hardcore" Gaming To A New Level

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There’s a lot of things going on in France when it comes to messed up gaming stories. Have you ever wanted to feel the pain of failing in a video game? Like, feeling the physical pain of falling into a hole in Mario Bros.? If the answer is yes, this story is for you.

Two French gamers decided they wanted to feel the pain of failure and brought the concept to the next level. They modded their Genesis console to have it work with dog collars that give electric shocks (don’t put that on your animals) when they bark and put them on. These dudes did some good coding because they were electrocuted each time they failed in a game. Of course, you can find the instruction online to build your own torture device, or just watch them suffer on YouTube.

6 Crime Against Religion

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Red Dead Redemption is made with the same engine (by the same company) as Grand Theft Auto V. It shows in the gameplay and in the terrible possibilities of both games. Players have been experimenting with the physics and mechanics of the games in Red Dead Redemption, pushing the atrocities of their action to new heights. But one horrible act was committed by a player who went against the religion.

The player, wanting to have fun in a terrible way, decided to hogtie a nun. It’s already messed up, I know. He then proceeded to drag her into the mud before taking her to an "adult" house. There, he dropped her on the floor to un-holy her, before assassinating the poor nun in cold blood. If this is not an example of what’s wrong with humanity, I don’t know what is.

Harry Potter O-Face - via Twitter
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Gives Female Characters O-Face For Using Magic

NetEase called it a bug, but others called it a feature. 

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