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To dominate the original Last of Us and Part II against hordes of infected and heavily armed human enemies, upgrading your firearms is essential. As the game progresses, players will meet a Workbench, scattered around the dead city, making their weapons more powerful. To do so, players must have the required amount of parts, which can be varied depending on the gun and the upgrade.

On this list, we're picking ten best gun upgrades to go for to dominate Part II. Whether you're a sneaky or a chaotic type of player, upgrading your guns will help you 'endure and survive' in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us.

10 Crossbow's Reload Speed/4x Scope

Each character on Part II has their own unique, signature weapons. For Abby, it's her Crossbow, which can be found on The Coast chapter. Crossbow is already a solid choice to wipe out an area of enemies silently, and contrary to Ellie's bow, you don't need to hold your Crossbow steady to start firing.

To maximize its potential, you need to upgrade its reload speed to help you recharge quickly during the moment's heat. Additionally, a 4x scope is also a proper choice to equip, as it gives you the freedom to aim for an enemy at a longer distance.


9 Military Pistol's Capacity

Playing as Abby during the latter stage of the game, the Military Pistol might not be your first choice dealing with infected. Still, it definitely is useful when you're out of your primary weapon ammo. It's one of Abby's two default weapons when you start your campaign with her.

To make the most of it, upgrade its capacity to the maximum because reloading during a heated moment stinks. You might also find ammo during your journey with Abby, so make sure to have the maximum capacity to accommodate all of it.

8 Double-Barrel Shotgun's Stability

After finding the Double-Barrel Shotgun on the Hostile Territory chapter with Abby, head over the nearest Workbench to improvise the Shotgun's stability in exchange for 30 parts. Shotguns, in general, are more powerful but heavier than handguns, so upgrading its stability will help you get the best outcome during a shoot-out. Having two barrels instead of one also gives the Shotgun a higher chance of success and a better mechanism.

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Alternatively, you can upgrade its reload speed instead with 40 parts as it helps you the most when you're surrounded by enemies.

7 Semi-Auto Rifle's 4x Scope/Stability

Still, from Abby's story, you'll already be equipped with a powerful Semi-Auto Rifle during the earliest campaign. It has a high ammo capacity, so you don't have to worry too much about reloading during a shoot-out with hordes of armed enemies.

The only negative thing about this weapon is that it generates too much noise, and it will give away your position once you fire it, making it a no-go if you want to go for a stealth kill. There are plenty of upgrade options to consider for this gun, but make sure to prioritize its stability because you will be relying on its accuracy most of the time.

6 Hunting Pistol's Stability

Before you cut your way to make it to the Railyard during your Settle: Day 1 - On Foot campaign with Abby, find a hidden safe to get a nice & lethal Hunting Gun. This weapon is deadly when it comes to a 1-on-1 encounter for its serious damage. To get the best out of the Hunting Gun, you need 50 parts to improve its stability because you'll rely on it the most.

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A 4x scope will be an excellent addition, but considering there are many better gun options to choose from, especially the Crossbow to the Semi-Auto Rifle when it comes to long-range battles, a 4x scope upgrade for this gun is a tertiary essential.

5 Bow's Stability/Draw Speed

With a pinpoint aim at the head, Ellie's Bow is the best option to stealth-kill an enemy and silently wipe out an entire area. It might only have 6 arrows capacity, but they're easily restorable sometimes, so you don't have to worry about running out of arrows.

Looking at all three available upgrades, the Bow's draw speed is a must-grab because it's the weapon's weakest link. Another option you might consider is its stability, in exchange for 60 parts, to reduce its shaky aiming and allow you to take out enemies easier.

4 Semi-Auto Pistol's Stability/Capacity

The Semi-Auto Pistol will be equipped to Ellie by default during your very first campaign with her. It's known for its moderate accuracy and low fire-rate, and sometimes, you may aim for an enemy's head, but you still haven't taken them out.

With that being said, the best upgrade you can go for with this gun is its stability as it helps you land a critical head-shot against an enemy during a 1-on-1 altercation. The next upgrade you might need to get is its capacity to store more ammo during your long journey with Ellie.

3 Revolver's Damage/Stability

After, spoiler alert, Joel's death, you'll have a chance to explore his Jackson house before heading to Seattle with Dina. There, you'll find Joel's Revolver, waiting for you upstairs.

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Aiming with Revolver can sometimes be a tricky business, so the best go-to upgrade is stability. It helps you aim better for the head and eventually take down the enemy with one lethal headshot. The second best mechanical aspect to upgrade from this gun is damage since its the second weakest link.

2 Bolt-Action Rifle's Scope

Next, we have Ellie's Bolt-Action Rifle, and you don't have to worry about missing out on it because it will be equipped by default during your very first journey with Ellie. Giving the Rifle a 6x scope will help you make the most of it because it'll help you take down anyone from a very long range.

Having only six bullets in its magazine means that you must make every single shot count, and upgrading the Rifle's stability will help you aim better.

1 Pump Shotgun's Fire Rate

Lastly, we have Ellie's Pump Shotgun, which can be found inside the Bank Vault in Downtown Seattle during your Seattle Day 1 - Downtown campaign. Any type of shotgun is already a deadly weapon to have in a close-range shootout, and upgrading its fire rate will guarantee to make the most out of your bullets. Seeing enemies blown to pieces closely can be pretty addictive and satisfactory, but it's best if you don't get too trigger-happy.

A nice upgrade of its capacity will keep you in the game longer without reloading, too, so ensure you have all the necessary parts.

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