For all of its horror, upgraded infected and gruesome deaths, The Last of Us Part II isn't all that hard considering you could simply pick up from right where you left off after dying and try again. Of course, getting killed over and over is very annoying, not to mention time-consuming.

Following the emergence of an updated trophy list, it was surmised that permadeath could be coming to the game pretty soon. Said list now boasts two new trophies that point to further difficulty settings called Grounded and Permadeath, which have since been confirmed.

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Permadeath, short for permanent death, isn't all that hard to figure out. It simply means you play the entire game with one life and, per past titles, a player would have to start the game from the very beginning if they die once.

The Grounded achievement points to a mode from the first TLoU title which was added after the game's launch. It was an insane difficulty mode that intensified enemy damage threefold and left you without the HUD and the ability to listen. Where supplies were concerned, the map was well-nigh barren.

Neither of these modes are for the faint of heart but would certainly appeal to players who are after a challenge more similar to real-life circumstances. Such players don't have to wait very long either as Grounded and Permadeath will be added to the game in a free update that launches this Thursday. As much has been confirmed in a video posted to YouTube by PlayStation on Tuesday.


You could check that out right below:

So anyone who beats the game on either Grounded, Permadeath, or both will be in receipt of said trophies but they aren't necessary for earning Platinum.

Also coming to The Last of Us 2 are new gameplay modifiers such as Infinite Crafting, Touch of Death and Slow Motion, as well as new graphic modes. A multiplayer mode could soon be on the way as well, following a recent leak.

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Source: PlayStation/YouTube

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