One of the best parts about The Witcher 3 is experimenting with the various romance options in the game. But outside of Geralt's love interests, there are some other great couples in the game, too.

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That said, there are also a few annoying relationships you'll encounter, people cheat, manipulate, and do a lot of other terrible things to each other. This is a dark fantasy game, after all. The following list details some of the best and worst couples in the game.

10 Love: Geralt And Triss

Triss Merigold is one of the main two love interests in the game. The redheaded sorceress is intent on rescuing the mages in Novigrad from King Radovid's reign. Several of the quests you'll embark on will be in aide of Triss. One even involves a fun masquerade party.

While fans remain divided on who is the better suitor for Geralt between Triss and Yennefer, they're both very popular and have their own devoted fanbases. Unfortunately, they do have a complicated history between them, but that can make the payoff of seeing them together in The Witcher 3 all the more worthwhile.


9 Annoying: Geralt And Madame Sasha

Madame Sasha is a remarkably beautiful character and a fun character to romance, however, the coupling of her and Geralt is annoying for one reason: it's difficult to achieve unless you're talented at Gwent.

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The only way to romance Sasha is to take part in a Gwent tourney as part of the High Stakes questline. Gwent is a fun card game in the world of The Witcher, but it isn't easy to get the hang of it. That said, if you want to get a chance with Sasha, you'll need to finesse your skills at the game.

8 Love: Mislav And Florian

Mislav is a minor character you'll encounter when you're trying to learn how to defeat the Griffin in White Orchard. He's a hunter who needs help getting rid of some wild dogs.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see the relationship with Mislav and Florian on-screen, but they've become fan-favorites as one of the only gay couples in The Witcher 3. Mislav was exiled from his previous home after his relationship with Florian was outed. Since Florian was the son of a lord, the consequences were more severe.

7 Annoying: Anna and Phillip

This particular relationship was annoying in the sense that it was abusive. Philip Strengor, also known as the Bloody Baron, was a violent man who tormented his own wife. At one point, he forced her to miscarry while she was pregnant and in the aftermath, Anna and their daughter Tamara fleed.

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One of the most involved quests in the game will see Geralt trying to find the Baron's missing wife and daughter and uncovering the mystery of their sordid family history and the crones of Crookback Bog in the process.

6 Love: Geralt And Shani

Shani is a very popular character from the books that is introduced in The Witcher 3 during the Hearts of Stone DLC expansion. You'll be given the option to romance her by offering her a gift at the end of the quest titled "Dead Man's Party."

Shani is an intelligent woman, and a skilled medic who studied in Oxford. She and Geralt were old friends that get reacquainted in the game. Their relationship is a fan-favorite and some people even feel that Shani should have been one of the main romances.

5 Annoying: Geralt And Keira

Keira is one of the first romances you'll encounter in the game, assuming you head to Velen before Novigrad. There is a lot of like about Keira, she's a woman who likes to live the high life, and she isn't afraid to go after what she wants. She is also a powerful sorceress, part of the Lodge of Sorceresses.

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Flirting with her and getting the romantic option between Keira and Geralt is fun, at first. But then Geralt discovers the fact she was merely using him to get the plague notes from Fyke Isle. The resulting fallout can result in Geralt killing Keira. It's not one of her best moments.

4 Love: Dandelion And Priscilla

Dandelion is one of Geralt's closest friends and a lovesick troubadour who leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. He has a romance with another singer in this film, a blonde girl named Priscilla. The two of them are endearing, even if it's unclear if they're meant to last.

Priscilla is attacked at one point in the game and Geralt is enlisted to help track down the person who did it, putting him on the trail of a dangerous killer. Dandelion becomes distraught over the attack and it's clear he truly cares about her.

3 Annoying: Sigismund And Philippa

Sigismund Dijkstra is a talented spy and the leader of the Redanian intelligence. He found himself romanced by Philippa Earlhart, the powerful sorceress who is skilled with black magic.

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While Philippa is one of the most fascinating, and intriguing female characters in the game, she wasn't exactly a good companion for Dijkstra, although he isn't the nicest guy in town either. Philippa manipulated him and tricked him, eventually even attacking him. Needless to say, they weren't a match made in heaven.

2 Love: Geralt And Yennefer

Yennefer is considered Geralt's true love. If you've read the books, you'll understand how their bond formed shortly after their first encounter. The two are deemed fated to be and they think of each as soulmates, even if they aren't always together.

Yennefer is one of the main two love interests in the game, you'll need to decide between romancing her or Triss, or neither. It's not recommended you try to date both. For most Witcher fans, this is the relationship they care most deeply about and it's one of the most important, whether you like them together or not.

1 Annoying: Hanna And Niellen

During the quest "Wild at Heart," you'll stumble upon a very complicated love triangle between a wife and husband, Hanna and Niellen, and Hanna's sister, Margrit. Niellen will hire Geralt for help on a contract to find his missing wife.

Unfortunately, Geralt encounters a werewolf that slaughtered Hanna and then learns that the werewolf is none other than Niellen. Turns out, Margrit was secretly in love with Niellen and showed Hanna his werewolf side, hoping she would leave him. Instead, he killed Hanna. Overcome with grief, you'll get the chance to decide whether or not he can enact his revenge on Margrit.

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