Have you ever fancied yourself a budding Witcher, ready to track down and slay monsters? Look no further. The Witcher: Monster Slayer takes the convenience of mobile gaming and injects it with the dynamic world of The Witcher. One major staple of this beloved series is the monsters themselves. With your phone in hand, you can traverse the world around you, tracking down creatures, beasts, and the demonic that plague the world.

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In the Bestiary, monsters are categorized by their rarity: common, rare, and legendary. Legendary monsters are, well, just that - so you budding Witchers out there better look far and wide, sword in hand to collect all twenty-eight of the legendary trophies. To find them, you must simply venture outside with the game open, much like Pokemon Go - but with so many to hunt down, only a select few really stand out from the crowd.

10 Hym

Hym entry from bestiary from the Witcher 3

These ominous spectators are said to haunt people to the point where they turn mad. Fear not, for these demons on target criminals who have enacted only the most despicable acts know to humanity.

Lean, tall, and shadowy, Hyms can be found at night, spawning near human settlements. They have a weakness to fast attacks, silver weapons, and fire signs. Despite the many vulnerabilities, Hyms should not be underestimated - they are as strong as they are creepy.


9 Sandcrab

Geralt in combat against Sandcrabs in the witcher 3

Do not let the name fool you, for the Sandcrab does not look much like a crab but more like a rhino beetle. Scuttling around the deserts, these insectoids typically roam in green spaces such as woods, forests, and meadows. They stay away from human settlements.

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These big fluorescent beetles have massive horns perfect for attacking foes. They are susceptible to steel weapons and strong attacks. So, pace yourself and hit heavy to make the Sandcrab one of your legendary trophies.

8 D'jinni

Djinni entry from bestiary from The Witcher 3

Beware of the elemental genies of air, entities that are capable of great power. Legends state that upon capturing a D'jinni, the capturer will receive three wishes. Only upon fulfilling such wishes can the genie be free once again.

These floating bright orbs spawn randomly, so be extra vigilant. They are particularly vulnerable to Dimeritium bombs. Stock up and blow away this elemental to gain that legendary trophy.

7 Ulfhedinn

Ulfedinn entry in bestiary from The witcher 3

As the moon rises, these cursed ones come out to hunt. The Ulfhedinn are similar to the common werewolf but stronger, faster, and all the more dangerous. The harsh conditions they inhabit have caused them to evolve to hunt humans.

The Ulfhedinn spawn more frequently on a full moon. For that reason, keep tabs on the night sky and venture out of town, as these monsters tend to stay away from human settlements. Fear not, for they have many weaknesses: fast attacks, silver weapons, and fire signs. In the heat of battle, these beasts are perfect for filling up that critical hit bar to deal some major damage.

6 Katakan

Katakan entry from the bestiary from the Witcher 3

Have you ever thought about what side you are on in the classic debate: vampires or werewolves? Well, with this vampire you will not have to pick. The Katakan in their vampire form looks like giant bipedal bats with a ferocious thirst for blood.

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These monsters are most active at night, spawning in areas with human settlements. When on the hunt, make sure to bring a steel sword and swing strongly to hit this vampire where it hurts. With this in mind, you can vanquish these vampires out of the shadows and claim that trophy.

5 Plague Maiden

Plague maiden entry from bestiary from The Witcher 3

Many fear the very mention of this elusive specter, but many know its impact. The Plague Maiden is the living embodiment of disease and pestilence. They carry a contagious disease that brings plague wherever they roam.

The Plague Maiden's spawn rate increases significantly when the sun is at its highest. When on this hunt, come equipped with a silver weapon and make use of that renowned Witcher fighting style, making sure to inflict as many fast attacks as possible.

4 Archgriffin

Archgriffin entry from bestiary from The Witcher 3

Looks like a griffin, walks like a griffin, but do not let looks deceive you, for this legendary monster is so much more. Besides the color variation, the Archgriffin has been known to spew acid down on unsuspecting humans - A terror in the sky.

With the face and wings of an eagle, plus the body of a lion, the Archgriffin stays away from human settlements, like many legendary monsters. It can be seen more frequently during the day. When it comes to vulnerabilities, you have plenty to choose from; steel weapons, fast attacks, fire signs, and kinetic damage.

3 Penitent

Penitent entry from bestiary from The witcher 3

Only those who have done evil should fear the Penitent, a rare specter that is wrapped in fog and mystery. Not much is know of the Penitent, giving it its legendary status.

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Dressed in red cloaks with its face hidden, this monster spawns more frequently at night. Come armed with a silver weapon and inflict fast attacks to secure your victory. This wraith surely would make a great addition to your trophy collection.

2 Silver Basilisk

Silver basilisk bestiary entry from The Witcher 3

The Silver Basilisk is truly one of a kind. Its species was once hunted to the point of extinction. It is not known how many roam the world today, but any Witcher will know that this legendary beast is a prize worth working for.

This monster is particularly vulnerable to Silver weapons, strong attacks, and kinetic damage: so bringing a couple of bombs to the battle might be advised. The Silver Basilisk more commonly spawns during the day. With its giant wings and sharp claws, Witcher's should tread carefully around this legendary monster.

1 Ancient Leshen

Ancient Leshen entry from bestiary from The Witcher 3

It's the one, the only: the Ancient Leshen. Otherwise known as the Woodland spirit in former Witcher games, this legendary monster is as powerful as it is ancient. In some communities, this creature is worshiped like a god.

It is unmistakable when encountering in the wild with its iconic antlers and giant claws. This monster typically stays clear of human settlements, preferring green spaces like forests. It also has a high chance of spawning in the rain. When going into battle, keep in mind that the Ancient Leshen is weak to strong attacks, steel weapons, and fire damage. Elusive and ferocious, the Ancient Leshen is a worthy opponent for any Witcher.

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