The Witcher series from is extremely popular, and thanks to the Netflix series that Henry Cavill stars in, it's likely that the popularity of the games is only going to increase exponentially from here. While Geralt is the star of the series (and for good reason since his gruff mannerisms and training at Kaer Morhen serve to make him quite the capable protagonist) he wouldn't be nearly as captivating as he is without the help of some sorceresses who help him on his journey.

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These sorceresses are namely Yennefer Of Vengerberg and Triss. Which one is better is a topic hotly debated by fans of the series, so let's see if we can't figure out which is the more capable sorceress.

10 Yennefer: She Isn't Afraid To Let Her Feelings Show

While some players might end up holding it against Yen, she was obviously extremely hurt when she realized that Geralt had been through amnesia and had his small tryst with Triss.

That's why when we meet her again, it's like she really doesn't care what Geralt's been up to, or at least doesn't care to hear it since she's been through so much while he was away. While she first contacts Geralt supposedly out of necessity in the third game, since if he can't find somebody no one can, it does indeed seem just a little bit convenient that they were united once again, even if the circumstances weren't great.


9 Triss: She's Sweet

While Yennefer is constantly sporting a cold exterior except when Geralt is basically begging for forgiveness, there's a specific mission that really points out how happy-go-lucky Triss is and how much she sincerely cares about Geralt, even though she might be a little bit drunk at the time. You're going to a party at the stately Vegelbud Manor, and Triss is accompanying you even though she's the one with the invite.

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Luckily no one knows there's a witcher there since you're all in masks. Anyway, they end up spending a romantic night in a hedge maze and the player has an option to make Geralt kiss Triss. This entire time she's going on about how well the two of them work together, and it's all very nice.

8 Yennefer: She's Seen A Lot Of Hurt

Yennefer was born in Vengerberg with a deformity, which means that her father didn't treat her very well whatsoever. Not only that, but to complicate matters, there are a good amount of racial prejudices in the witcher universe, and the elf blood flowing through Yennefer's veins help bring those out when she's around those who know.

Unfortunately, after Yennefer's father left both because he couldn't stand the sight of her and Yennefer's mother and because he's a horrible person, Yennefer's mother started to physically abuse her.

7 Triss: She's Innocent

The thing about Triss is that she goes through a bit of a transformation throughout the series. At first, she's pretty kind and nice and spends most of her time giggling, especially in the novels. When we see her in the games, and especially in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, its apparent that she's done a lot of growing up, she's definitely been through a lot of struggles, and she's ready to take things seriously to help Geralt and Ciri.

This works in contrast to Yennefer who is introduced in the game as an incredibly cold person, and in fact, after the design of her face that was based on a model seemed too friendly, the developers modified it to be much less forgiving, and more about getting the job done than having any sort of fun.

6 Yennefer: She Was Like A Mother To Ciri

While Yennefer might not seem like it when introduced in the third game if you aren't particularly familiar with her, Yennefer was almost like a mother to Ciri while at Kaer Morhen, and well beyond that.

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In the opening cinematic of the 3rd game, we see her getting ready for her day while Geralt is bathing, pushing him to get up and out to deal with Ciri, who has been neglecting her duties. This was happening for quite some time and is likely the closest thing to a family that any of them have had.

5 Triss: She Helped Found The Lodge Of Sorceresses

After King Radovid decided that witches, sorceresses, and probably druids too weren't allowed in the kingdom he was trying to establish, most of them went into hiding.

While originally the lodge seems to be a source for good, eventually we see that while they're doing their best for the land, there's also signs of a power-struggle about, which is one of the main reasons that Yennefer wants more or less nothing to do with them. Especially since they really only care about Ciri's well-being as it relates to the shifting of power and the favor of the king, Emhyr Var Emreis.

4 Yennefer: She Went To Aretuza

Yennefer cut her magical teeth at the magic school Aretuza. Unfortunately, after King Radovid's ban on pretty much all things magical, he decided to wage war on Aretuza to cripple the supply of sorceresses, which had previously held spots in high society as advisors.

While Aretuza is no longer standing, in it's time it was one of the most well-respected establishments around, and it cost a good bit of tuition money to attend.

3 Triss: She Led The Resistance Against Radovid

When we meet Triss in The Witcher 3, we see that she's in hiding, usually wearing a cloak and renting a really cheap apartment owned by a rude couple who are her landlords.

We find out that secretly, the lodge of sorceresses is still running incognito, and doing their best to return to their former stature as some of the hidden hands that shape the political landscape of the witcher world.

2 Yennefer: She Still Cares After Geralt's Amnesia

While at first it seems like Yen wants as little to do with Geralt as possible, we see slowly that she lets that facade pass away and starts to talk to Geralt the way she used to.

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Her feelings for him are still there despite the fact that both of them know what happened with him and Triss while Yen was entirely faithful despite the fact that she had no real reason to be. Hopefully, it comes down to Yen realizing that Geralt really didn't owe her anything considering he had none of the memories of his previous life.

1 Triss: She Has Realistic Expectations About Geralt

While Triss is obviously madly in love with Geralt still after the events of the first two games, and for good reason considering she really spent more in-game time with him than Yen did, she knows where she stands.

The good thing about the character arc that Triss goes through is that she realizes who she is, and that's a powerful sorceress. Would she love to have Geralt in her life the way she did before? Most likely. But she can make incredibly important contributions to the world without him.

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