It's been a good few weeks for video game releases. We finally got a new Metroid game, Giancarlo Esposito made his video game debut in Far Cry 6, and we got a major throwback with Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Our biggest features however, have nothing to do with any of them; in fact one of them is about a 20 year old game.

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The GTA Remastered Trilogy Is Your Chance To Fly The Dodo, The Worst Vehicle In Video Game History

That 20 year old game is Grand Theft Auto 3, which will soon be receiving a makeover thanks to the Remastered Trilogy. Features editor Andy Kelly's piece reminds us of the excitement and the almost immediate disappointment we felt when we discovered what is by far the worst vehicle in video game history, the Dodo. In fact, Andy pointed out Rockstar didn't even mean for the aptly named airplane to actually fly. Players actually discovered some bugs and intricate controller inputs that allowed them to take off and get a look at a low textured and deserted Liberty City. Good times!


It's A Shame Valve's Best Game In Years Is Still Inaccessible To So Many People

Andy features again this week as writes about how unfortunate it is that so few people have been able to play Half Life: Alyx due to it being a VR game. VR isn't as accessible to people as a console or a PC; it's a bit more of a premium purchase and also requires you to have enough space. He mentions that the game wouldn't be the same if it was ported out of VR as it was built ground-up to be played with a headset. He describes how the game has set a new standard for VR games and wishes that it was accessible to more people.


Cynthia's Return Is More Proof That Pokemon Journeys Is Ash's Final Victory Lap

He wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was; and he did it, albeit after years of trying. Associate editor Eric Switzer theorizes that the Pokemon anime is gearing us up for Ash's eventual exit from the show. He argues that after finally winning his first Pokemon League during the Sun & Moon series, Ash has spent most of Journeys catching up with old friends, as a sort of final goodbye. Additionally, Cynthia making a comeback gives Ash the opportunity to prove himself as the best trainer in the Sinnoh region, a recipe for a perfect farewell.


Genshin Impact’s Elon Musk Anniversary Tweet Is The Height Of Mihoyo’s Hubris

Up next it's features editor Jade King, who writes about Mihoyo's strange tweet about Elon Musk. The ridiculous tweet asked fans to follow an account named Ella Musk in return for rewards at certain milestones. Jade chalks this strange series of events down to the developer's hubris and lack of community knowledge.


Scalpers Can Burn in Hell

This next one's a rant by The Tonight Show's Mike Drucker. In his guest column, Mike lambasts scalpers for taking advantage of prospective customers during a relatively rocky console launch. He describes how the system is rigged to let certain players buy up stock and have a temporary monopoly over new launches. This in turn narrows the access only to some customers rich enough to pay these exorbitant prices.

If You Hate Cancel Culture, You Should Be Outraged Netflix Suspended The Trans Employees Who Criticised Dave Chappelle

Lastly, we have our editor-in-chief, Stacey Henley, who gives her views on Dave Chappelle's Netflix special and the ensuing fallout. She points out the double standards via which Chappele claims to be cancelled for making transphobic jokes, but it was the Netflix employees who were suspended for voicing their displeasure. She deep dives into what the term really means and how Chappelle merely leveraged the "cancel culture" tag while not really facing any backlash for his comments.

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