Final Fantasy VII Remake retells the original game's Midgar chapter. despite this portion of the source material only taking between five and seven hours, the new title expands this to a full-fledged RPG.

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Because of this, it is jam packed with countless details and secrets many players miss during their time with the impressively expansive. Ten of these little details and secrets are listed below. Some are callbacks to the original games, therefore recognizable to avid fans of the series, while others are still easy to miss to those who know the PlayStation classic like the back of their hand.

10 Bladed Staff

Final Fantasy VII remake Eligor

Many of the weapons are relatively easy to find, but Aerith's Bladed Staff will pass players by if they do not use Asses on every enemy and do not steal often.

Players fight Eligor in the Train Graveyard of Chapter Eleven and can pilfer this weapon from the the boss. Asses  it, and the tactical data informs the player of its valuable possession. It is the only way to earn this weapon.


9 Final Fantasy X-2 Easter Egg

In the Shinra Museum, located inside the Shinra Building, one exhibit details President Shinra's life and achievements. One photo shows his class in school, but fails to point out who he is in the photo.

Observant Final Fantasy X-2 fans will note the kid in the picture with a strange mask. This mask looks almost identical to the one a character named Shinra wears in the 2003 title. The games are not in the same universe, but the Easter egg is cute none the less.

8 Chapter Fourteen Resolutions

Final Fantasy VIi remake tifa cloud and barret gameplay

Chapter Fourteen has three different endings depending on the player's decisions in the prior chapters. Each choice increases Cloud's affection towards a certain character.

Based on where the affection levels are determines whether the scene outside of Aerith's house happens with Tifa, Barret, or Aerith. Each gives insight into a particular character, so it is worth gaining access to all three.

7 Seventh Heaven Bar Photos

Final Fantasy VII remake Seventh Heaven bar

While the photos hanging up in the Seventh Heaven bar seem like superfluous details, they actually contain a reference to the original game.

One of the pictures shows the bar from the angle used in the source upon entering. Because the old PlayStation title uses two-dimensional backgrounds, the camera never moved around the environment like it does in the remake.

6 Victory Stances In The Colosseum

Final Fantasy VII remake colosseum

After defeating all the matches in Corneo's Colosseum or the Shinra Battle Simulator, all active participants strike a special pose. All of these are recreations of their victory stances from the first game.

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It is exciting to see their inclusion in the remake, since battles do not end with them doing this. With the line between combat and exploration gameplay eliminated, there is no need for the transitioning animations and screens displaying the experience points earned.

5 Palmer At The Honey Bee Inn

Palmer Final Fantasy VII Remake

Not only is this a secret, but even those who find it may not realize the reference to dummied out content from the original Final Fantasy VII.

By looking in a keyhole on one of the doors at the Honey Bee Inn, one can see Palmer playfully chasing an employee around the room with a net in his hand. He eventually stops and is seemingly out of breath.

4 Shinra Combat Simulator Chapter Seventeen

Shinra Combat Simulator Aeith

After beating the game one can select any Chapter they wish and play them out of order. Fortunately, one does not have to play through the majority of Chapter Sixteen to reach the Shinra Combat Simulator.

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A new one opens up at the beginning of Chapter Seventeen. Players run into Chadley shortly after leaving Aerith's room. This new arena is much easier to access and houses some of the game's toughest fights.

3 All Johnny Incidents

Johnny Final Fantasy VII Remake

Johnny is introduced in a story sequence, but his involvement in the game extends beyond that first encounter. He is involved in several side quests, a couple of which can be easily missed.

Chapter Nine, in particular, has different bonus missions based on decisions made beforehand, so it is easy to pass these and not earn the associated trophy or achievement.

2 Banora Whites

Banora White Final Fantasy VII remake

An innocuous poster advertises Banora White Apple Juice. Only fans of Crisis Core will understand this reference. Banora is a vital location to the PSP spin-off, being the hometown of the game's villain, Genesis.

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Additionally, Genesis also invented the advertised drink. It would be a real treat for dedicated fans if that game's events and characters played a role in future entries of the remake.

1 Victory Fanfare

Barret Wallace Final Fantasy VII Remake

Because no special music plays after winning a normal battle, the iconic victory music is not as prevalent in the remake. However, Barret will occasionally belt it out after a victory.

To newcomers this will appear as nothing special, but fans will most likely grin in delight at this reference to the classic musical cue. The song also plays in the Colosseum after winning. It is amazing how the simple melody has yet to grow old after hearing it for more than thirty years.

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