In the 2000s, Nickelodeon were on a roll with memorable and great sitcoms. You name it from Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Unfabulous, and iCarly. The latter is a one-of-a-kind sitcom brought to you by Dan Schneider. It stars Drake and Josh’s very own Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Carly Shay. Then there is Jennette McCurdy, who plays Sam, Nathan Kress who is Freddie, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, and Noah Munck as Gibby. The actors made the characters come to life and they brought us into a crazy and fun ride. It has become of the most successful sitcoms on Nickelodeon, spawning seven seasons and lasting for five years. The actors really grew up with the show and when it ended, it felt like the end of the world.

Regardless, iCarly is still a fantastic show and has clever writing, amazing acting, and a lot of great memories to remember. Since this is a Dan Schneider sitcom, there are bound to be some crazy and weird jokes that can come off as inappropriate. However, they managed to get in without any trouble, which is rather nice. Still, as we get older, we begin to realize that some of the dialogue, character’s actions, or hidden references have another meaning than what we are supposed to think. Some might have their childhoods ruined, but watching some episodes with the innuendos can bring even more laughs instead.

So, wake up members of the nation, because here are some crazy innuendos that appeared in iCarly!

25 Big A


First off, let’s talk about Spencer Shay. He is a kooky but talented artist who takes care of Carly while their dad is in the military. Even though he can be childish, he is responsible and is a great brother to Carly. If anything, he is the most hilarious character on the show with his crazy sculptures and funny situations he would get himself into. One of the sculptures he made in the episode “iPromise Not to Tell” was a giant A for Carly after getting news that she “has” straight A’s.

What he said after he presented her the giant A is hilarious. “Your A is gonna be huge!” Now we know what he meant since it was shown, but it can also be taken in a different and crazy way. What is another word for a body part that starts with the letter A? That is your answer.


24 Strange Movements


The episode “iKiss” was one of the huge and probably most important episodes in the series. It was where Sam and Freddie had their first kiss after what Sam did to embarrass Freddie in front of millions of people. However, it has nothing to do with the Seddie pairing, but once again Spencer.

He wanted to be a football player for some reason.

So, Carly helped him with doing some exercises to give him some muscle. While he was doing some exercise, he managed to get a cramp on his behind, doing the behind cramp dance as Carly calls it. His movements can be seen as suggestive but funny at the same time. Perhaps if someone were to have cramps on their behind, something like that can happen to them.

23 Educational Talk


Another episode that happens to be big for the Seddie fans is “iOMG.” In that episode, Sam is falling in love, but with who? You probably already know the answer to that, but like with the previous entry, it has nothing to do with the popular pairing. When Carly and Freddie found out that Sam is in love, they thought it was with Brad, an assistant and friend to Freddie.

Carly thought up a plan, and explained it by referencing horses. She tells Freddie that they needed to get Sam and Brad alone together like two horses in a barn. The idea for this is rather lewd, especially for the horses. Unfortunately, Sam caught on and confronted Carly about the plan. And then that moment between Sam and Freddie happened.

22 Special Vitamins


What is funny about the iCarly and Victorious crossover “iParty With Victorious” is that it only counts as an iCarly episode, but not for Victorious. Regardless, the episode was a lot of fun and it was great to see another crossover from Dan Schneider’s shows. It was funny, creative, and brought us from Seattle to Los Angeles from the small screen. Before they went to Los Angeles to confront Carly’s cheating boyfriend, Sam mentions her mom doing something unusual.

She says that her mom takes special vitamins.

As for what Sam meant, that is unknown. It could be that Sam’s mom is doing some grown up fun and takes some certain medications for it, or actually uses them for fun. Sam’s mom is not the best role model to say the least.

21 What Was He Using It For?


Seriously, the episodes that have to do with Sam and Freddie’s growing relationship happens to have some of the most silly and crazy innuendos ever. Even though there are some dirty jokes that have to do with them, this one is just crazy, if not strange. Once again, Spencer loves to make our minds corrupted whenever he does something that sounds normal, but actually is not. This innuendo comes from the episode "iLost My Mind."

He asks Carly where the olive oil is.

When she told him it was in his bathroom, many questions were asked. Why was an oil used for cooking in his bathroom? What is he using it for? If our minds are not dirty enough, he might have used it as body oil to make his skin smooth, but that is very unlikely.

20 Dirty Novel


When it comes to pop culture, iCarly is not short on it, even if the names have been changed to avoid legal trouble. This entry is something to behold. Why is that? In the episode “iBust A Thief,” Spencer is trying to win a huge dolphin at his favorite arcade after finding out he had tickets to earn prizes. Due to his age, he has to have a child accompany him, so he brought Gibby’s brother Guppy.

What he brought with him is mind-boggling.

He was reading a copy of a book titled Nifty Shades of Beige. If that parody does not ring any bells, then you are probably very lucky. It does not help that Guppy’s reactions while reading the book is somewhat similar to the book it is parodying.

19 Update Received


Even though Spencer can be weird and crazy when it comes to his sculptures and personality, he cannot outdo the bizarreness that is Gibby. Gibby was a supporting character on iCarly until season four where he became part of the main cast. He was popular due to his funny lines and the usual taking off his shirt running gag.

Ironically enough, it gets stranger than all that. In the episode “iCan’t Take It,” Gibby’s phone got an alert to where he receives updates from a girl’s store. The name of the said store is Glitter Gloss, which is a cosmetics store that focuses primarily on lip gloss. It is rather odd for Gibby to get updates since he does not even wear lip gloss, but when Spencer asked him regarding the updates, Gibby replied, “Because I care about women’s issues.”

18 Planet Talk


The episode “iPyscho” was not really horrific, but having to deal with an obsessed fan who locked you in her basement is not healthy. That is what Carly, Sam, and Freddie have to deal with when they went to visit Nora Dershlit (yep, that last name does sound peculiar) after she made a video telling her that she would be alone on her birthday.

Everyone knows the joke about the seventh planet in the Solar System.

So when Sam told Freddie to beam himself to Jupiter and Carly asked her if that was necessary, Sam replied, "I could have said Uranus." Since it is a name of a planet, of course it would be okay to say it even with the millions of children snickering at the word.

17 Calm Down Spencer!

via: (Ellox Kira)

From time and time again, we see Spencer date women, even though they were not thinking of what mess they would get into since Spencer can be crazy. In “iFix a Pop Star,” Spencer actually ends up dating Gibby’s mom. When he discovered this, all he could think of is kissing Gibby lips. Charlotte Gibson tells him that he resembles Carly, so it was even between the two.

When they tried to kiss again, it ends up getting weird.

Spencer keeps seeing Gibby’s face and afterward, Charlotte keeps seeing Carly’s face. The cherry on top in this scene would have to be Gibby randomly showing up without a shirt on. That is Gibby’s schtick, but the fact that it was his mother makes us think of Spencer thinking of her shirtless. He was too busy screaming to even notice anyway.

16 Weirdly Coincidental


Every so often we would see Carly entering her apartment and sometimes Freddie comes out of his to greet her. They would talk and then enter her apartment since the show is focused on Carly for most of the time. The fact that we do not get to see the inside of Freddie’s apartment until later on was something that was worth the wait if you do not count Carly entering Freddie’s room in “iSaved Your Life.” However, before that, we only get to see his apartment number.

Let’s just say that it looks rather... outlandish.

In multiple episodes, some people might snicker every time they get a glimpse of the apartment number. If you think about it, Freddie and Carly’s apartment numbers also look like faces, so you do not have to think of the former’s the same anymore.

15 Shower Buddies?


Even though some pairings cannot be canon due to specific reasons, it did not stop people from shipping Carly and Sam and the two we will be talking about: Freddie and Spencer. These two have a great friendship and have the true definition of bromance. The episode “iQuit iCarly” was one of the most devastating and thrilling episodes to date due to the drama and tension between Carly and Sam.

There are some funny moments too, like what you are about to find out.

Spencer asked Freddie if he could give him a sponge bath, but the latter told him that he would never do it again after what happened last time. The implications of what happened are interesting, but it could be Spencer’s crazy antics.

14 It Happens To Girls


Spencer might be kooky and silly at times, but whenever he needs to be, he is a protective and caring brother for Carly. “iDate a Bad Boy” shows him in his most serious self. A boy named Griffin stole his motorcycle, and as punishment, he has to help Spencer. What the latter did not expect was Griffin to get close with Carly.

After being confronted, Carly tells Spencer that she is grown up.

Carly ends up telling him, “You know I'm not a baby anymore! Two weeks ago, I sent you to the store to pick up…” before being interrupted by Spencer telling her she swore to never bring it up again. It could imply Carly’s cycle, and it is no wonder why Spencer would not want to hear it again.

13 Strange Motivation


In the episode “iWin a Date,” the theme of dating is strong. Gibby wanted to try to get a date with a girl he a crush on, but she has a crush on Freddie. While that goes on, Spencer tries an online dating site due to a failed blind date. Carly tips in to give him advice, but Spencer has some plans. When he went to Carly’s school to confront her about it, he says this,

“I get my best ideas when I'm wet."

Now if that were Carly saying that, then it would raise a lot of questions. Spencer usually has the best lines in the show and they never fail to make us laugh. Still, it makes you wonder how he can create art while he is dry most of the time.

12 What A Strange Name For A Restaurant Part I


In iCarly, as well as Dan Schneider’s other shows, there are names of stores, restaurants, and companies that act as parodies of real-life ones. There is Cheesecake Warehouse, which is a parody of Cheesecake Factory, Pear Store being the Apple Store, and then a parody of P.F. Chang’s called B.F. Wang’s.

That name makes sense since it rhymes, but couldn’t Dan pick another word that rhymes with Chang’s that do not make us laugh immaturely? Even though the name sounds silly, it still sounds like a delicious Chinese restaurant, since it is named after the real-life P.F. Chang’s. The word “wang” can be taken as a slang term for a certain body part too, but hey, it is a funny word, even for a parody.

11 What A Strange Name For A Restaurant Part II

via: (iCarly)

This is a continuation of another restaurant name, but the name itself is not bad, but when saying it with certain words, it can come off as wrong, but funny. In “iDate Sam and Freddie,” Sam and Freddie planned out their date and decided to go to a restaurant named Pini’s. What makes that name funny is Gibby yelling when Sam and Freddie were going there.

He proudly states, “I love Pini’s!”

Like with B.F. Wang’s, Pini’s sounds like a certain body part. It is funny how there are jokes like this in a kid’s show, but as long as it was not too obvious, it would be okay. However, some teen and adult fans of the show are probably busting out laughing when Gibby said that.

10 Slippery Pants


One of the coolest special guests iCarly got was definitely Jimmy Fallon. It was cool to see one of the most popular night hosts appear in the show. Even having his band was a nice treat. “iShock America” was entertaining and perhaps one of the best TV specials for Nickelodeon. There were some memorable innuendos, especially the one where Gibby’s pants fell.

Even though the camera only focused on Gibby’s legs and pants, it was still a shocking moment, which is why it became controversial in the show’s universe. We still question why Gibby had the nerve to not wear underwear, but everything worked out in the end. It is more ironic that his shirt did not come off instead, but hey, it would make the joke old.

9 TMI Mrs. Benson


Lewbert was one of the most memorable antagonists in the show. He had an interesting past from being a model and then later become a doorman in Carly and Freddie’s apartment complex. He was such a mean doorman, and got his comeuppance in “iHurt Lewbert.” He got injured badly and because of that, Carly, Sam, and Freddie had to help take care of him.

Mrs. Benson also pitched in to help the three. In the episode, she ended up saying to Spencer, “Wet and sticky is very icky. Sticky and wet makes Mommy upset." After that, Spencer said that he did not know how to respond to that. Who wouldn’t? It is a very strange choice of words for an overprotective soccer mom to say.

8 Laughing Gas Troubles


Get a load of this: before the episode “iThink They Kissed,” Sam never went to a dentist. It is a shocker since it is required to at least go to one every six months for a checkup. Ever since her tooth came out after biting down a corn on the cob, Carly and Freddie asked her when was the last time she saw a dentist. When she told them in years, they were shocked. Carly, being the awesome best friend, took her to see one.

Sam was aggressive as usual and was giving the dentists a hard time. To help her stay calm, they gave her laughing gas. Once she managed to wake up, she was acting loopy and unusual. It was like she had some substances, and it was pretty funny to see since people had to have it in order to not feel pain.

7 Too Crazy


Sometimes seeing bullies from our childhood can bring back bad memories. In Spencer’s case, it was difficult for him since a familiar face and his companion had to stakeout in his apartment because they think a guy is selling illegal copies of pirated movies. “iStakeout” features a familiar face named Spanky Stimbler. Judging by that name, it is obvious in how he bullied Spencer many years ago.

Thankfully, Spencer managed to get revenge on him when he tricked Spanky into getting himself handcuffed. After that, he went to a glass tube that held Spanky’s son, who has a bad temper. Spencer tells him, “Watch me spank your daddy!” To the kid’s joy, he had a lot of fun watching Spencer spank his dad. If you were young and saw this, it is funny, but seeing it years later might bring up some deviant thoughts.

6 What Did You Say?!


The episode “iHave A Lovesick Teacher” took an interesting approach in showing Spencer dating Carly’s teacher Miss Ackerman. The latter just had a terrible break up with her ex-boyfriend, and she was so devastated that she took her pain upon her students by giving them difficult assignments. When Spencer broke up with her later on in the episode, she gave Carly cruel treatment.

She gave her an F on a quiz she never took.

When Carly asked her that, Miss Ackerman said yes, but also said, "F, F, F, F-ity, F, F!" The sound and the way she voiced that line resembles that of Eric Cartman from South Park, and what he said instead was bad. It was an amazing reference, but way too adult for the demographic on iCarly.

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