Grand Theft Auto V is a video game that was released in 2013 and remains popular to this day. It's actually the most popular PlayStation 3 game ever to be released. The game takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, which was actually based on the real-life city of Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The game has two different modes: a story mode and a completely free play online mode.

The game has a huge open world and it allows players to explore and roam around totally on their own without really guiding them too much. In the story mode, players control one of three main characters and explore the world either on foot or in a vehicle in order to complete different objectives in the story. In the online mode, the player creates their own character and explores the world as they please, doing optional missions throughout the city.

Because the world is so huge and there are just so many things to do from missions to different events in the world, it can be pretty overwhelming. Even after a player figures out exactly what they should be doing in the game and how to deal with the limitless options on what they can spend their time in Los Santos doing, it's still pretty easy for players to make mistakes. And these mistakes aren't just limited to things that brand new players to the game do either! Even players who have been roaming the streets of Los Santos since 2013 can make some of these embarrassing mistakes in their games.

25 Not Taking Advantage Of Special Events

Every now and then, Rockstar Games will announce special events that take place during the game. Not taking advantage of these events is a mistake that can be costly! These events typically last a few days and can give special bonuses to players like extra money or experience in exchange for finishing things like races and certain heists. Taking advantage of these is a great way to make money and gain experience in the game! Many players skip out on them and miss all that extra cash.


24 Joining At The End Of A Heist

We've all had this happen to us. You're almost done with a heist and you have someone join at the very end to complete the last part of the mission. While the help is appreciated, don't expect to get an even cut of the profits.

The people who were in the heist from the start are definitely going to be splitting the money up so that they get more of a cut of it than you do. Which is totally fair since they did more of the work! In the future, get in the heist at the beginning.

23 Not Getting Your Free Elegy

We all know that cars can get pretty expensive if you're buying them in GTA V and that looking out for the one you really want on the streets of Los Santos can get pretty tedious. Luckily, players can get a totally free car while they're playing!

The only requirement for getting this car is going online to sign up for the Rockstar Games Social Club. Then, you can pick up your free Elegy RH8. It's not the flashiest car on the streets, but it's still a reliable one!

22 Trying To Steal Supercars

Everyone knows that players can just take any car they want off the streets, right? Any car on the streets, including emergency vehicles like police cars and ambulances if you're particularly brave, can simply be broken into and driven around the streets of Los Santos.

But, be careful! Not all stolen cars can be kept. There are some incredibly expensive supercars that can be stolen and driven for a while, but trying to drive them to your garage or customize them is a waste of time.

21 Wasting Money On Car Upgrades

Making and keeping money is just as much of a struggle in GTA V as it is in real life. It's not easy to get all the money you want for cars, a luxury apartment, and everything else that you want.

Early in the game, some of these things are actually a big waste of money. While all those new paint jobs and rims look cool on the car you just bought or stole, they're not essential and that money could go toward heists or investing in a business instead.

20 Wasting Money On Clothes

Another thing in the game that may look cool but are actually a waste of your hard-earned money is clothing. No one wants their character to look totally un-hip and the game has tons of clothes, accessories, and hairstyles that a person can choose from, so picking one can be difficult. But, until you're really making big money in the game, this is another thing that can be avoided. Decking out your character is the coolest clothes from Sub Urban is fun, but just a money drain.

19 Not Making Friends

If you play GTA V Online, you've likely played in a lobby full of total strangers who you don't know and might not even ever actually talk to while you're playing.

The online feature exists for a reason and playing alone is a big mistake!

Not everyone has real-life friends that play the game, but it's pretty easy to make friends with strangers while in the game! They can help with missions and heists and even help you out when a random other player attacks you for no reason.

18 Targeting Other Players

Although playing online means it's easy to mess with other people and attack them as you drive by them on the map, it's totally not cool to do. It can be really tempting to randomly attack another online player when you see them, but anyone who has played GTA V Online much will know how irritating it can be to have this happen to them. Unless they provoke you first, it's really not cool to attack someone who is just trying to play without bothering you.

17 Underestimating Other Players

Anyone who has just decided to attack another random player while playing online for no reason will know that they're pretty likely to come try to get you back. And who can blame them? While bothering random players that you find on the map may seem like a funny way to spend some time, many players who do this underestimate their targets and forget that they might track them down and get them back. Unless you want to make yourself a target, be friendly to other players. Or at least know what you're starting if you don't.

16 Ignoring Missions

While playing the game, players might notice that NPCs are often hitting up their phones with missions that players can choose to accept and head out to do for some extra cash and experience. Although it may seem like more fun to just ignore them and drive around the city of Los Santos doing anything you want, this is a big mistake! GTA V is very open world, so there's nothing wrong with playing it your own way, but doing these missions is definitely a good way to make money and level up.

15 Rushing Through Missions

Accepting missions is definitely a great way to make money and get some more experience in order to level up in the game. Many players try to get these missions done as fast as they can so they can get back to exploring Los Santos on their own.

Rushing through missions is a huge mistake many players don't realize they're making.

A lot of missions reward you with more money for taking a little longer and, the ones that involve delivering a vehicle, reward you for having it in good condition. Slowing down and driving more carefully really pays!

14 Not Planning Missions


A lot of missions can be done alone, but many players choose to team up with a friend in order to make them easier. One player can drive while the other keeps an eye out for enemies, for instance.

But, one thing that many players neglect to do when they choose to head into a mission with their friends is that they don't plan the mission. It's important to look at the objectives and decide who's going to do what in order to make it as easy and seamless as possible.

13 Spending Way Too Much On Missions

We've all been there. You're in a mission, you think you're really doing great, and then it ends and you realize you ate up all your profit by tossing out too many explosives or you weren't careful enough with your aim and wasted a ton of ammo. Whoops!

Missions aren't worth it if you're going to spend a ton of money on ammo and explosives.

Many players forget to watch what they're using to take out enemies and find that they're not making as much in missions. Talk about an expensive mistake!

12 Not Setting Daily Goals

With so many things to do in GTA V, it can get a little overwhelming. It's not always easy to decide what to do when there are just so many things to do in the city of Los Santos.

Just like in the real world, setting goals is a good way to make the most of your time in Los Santos.

Whether it's to make a certain amount of money, hit a certain level, or make enough to buy another garage, goals can help keep you motivated and on top of things.

11 Not Keeping Money In The Bank

It can be really easy to spend all your money in GTA V. Buying weapons, buying cars, upgrading and customizing those cars... Phew, it seems like money just comes and goes! Keeping cash on hand can be unsafe on the chance that a mugger comes up, so it's definitely important to keep all your money in a bank account. Not keeping money in the bank in case you need it for car repairs or to pay for a heist is a big mistake many players make!

10 Not Working As A Team On Heists

A lot of GTA V can be played totally solo, which is a lot of fun! But anyone who has ever played even a little will know that the majority of the heists require a group of people in order to complete them.

Working together instead of focusing on your part of the heist is key for success.

It's important to know what everyone else is doing during the heist and how you can best help them reach the different objectives. Your teammates will thank you!

9 Not Being Familiar With The Map

Los Santos is a huge place. Anyone who has ever played GTA V will know that the map is absolutely enormous. Various missions in the game will take you all over the map and, in order to just have fun and experience different things in the game, you're gonna be doing a lot of walking or driving. In order to maximize your time in game, it's important to be familiar with the map. No more wasting time trying to follow the minimap to your destination!

8 Not Investing In Businesses

Since the import and export release happened, there have been even more ways to make money in GTA V. Players are no longer limited to just doing heists and missions in order to boost their bank account!

Still, many players don't bother to invest in the new features and maximize their cash flow.

A great way to make money once you've got enough cash to invest is buying a CEO office and a warehouse, like a vehicle warehouse, that you can use to import and export goods to make a profit.

7 Buying A Supercar

There are a ton of really cool looking vehicles in the world of GTA V. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more can be found either for purchase or just for the taking if a player happens to stumble upon one and decide they want it for their own.

Some of these cares are just not necessary for most players.

Sorry, but no matter how cool a supercar looks, they're not necessary unless you're doing a ton of races and really need to go super fast. If you're not, skip them until you have money to spare.

6 Placing Random Bounties

Bounties are a feature in GTA V Online that can have a player pick another player and offer to pay cold, hard cash to anyone who can take them out. This can be a good way to get back at someone who was messing with you, but it's totally not necessary.

In fact, it can be a big waste of money and totally uncool to put bounties on random players.

Just like targeting random players can put a target on you, this is one way to give yourself a bad reputation with other players.

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