Ghost of Tsushima made its way into PS4 owners' hands on July 17th, 2020. The open-world samurai game is huge, and players are thoroughly enjoying their stay on the island while purging the character's home of invading forces. With all the story content, side quests, and bonus activities available, it is easy to miss some key details.

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The ten entries below detail tidbits about gameplay, the world, and exploration that only pro players discovered during their time with the Sony exclusive. Fortunately, most of these are fairly easy to pull off once the trick is known and they showcase just how versatile the gameplay is.

10 Bowing

Ghost of tsushima bowing

Players rarely ever have to swipe down on the touchpad to initiate a bow during the story. However, the option is always there. More inquisitive players have observed moments where bowing activates something within the world.

Doing it to certain statues will cause a reaction from nature. Additionally, a certain trophy requires the player to perform the gesture in front of ten hidden altars, none of which are shown on the map.


9 Selling Supplies

Ghost of tsushima selling linene

One might instinctively want to keep all the materials they have to save for upgrades. However, assessing the inventory will no doubt reveal a surplus. Linen, for example, comes in at a faster rate than needed.

Sell the excess for some supplies to upgrade other parts of the arsenal. Most only use a couple of armors during the adventure, so Linen is not as vital of a resource.

8 Killing Five Enemies With One Standoff

Ghost of tsushima standoff

Standoffs are a distinguishing feature of the combat. Instead of jumping headfirst into battle, players can take out several enemies sequentially by initiating these mini duels. With Technique Points one can take out three enemies at once.

However, Jin's family armor can increase this to a total of five once it is fully upgraded. Some settlements only have about five enemies, making this upgrade a brutal advantage.

7 Terrify Enemies

Ghost of tsushima attacking mongolian

This happens naturally, but those who are aware of it can spec their character to appropriately scare as many enemies as possible. Certain upgrades and armor abilities increase the chances to scare enemies.

With this, foes either stand in shock after certain kills or begin to run away. It reflects those moments in old samurai films when the last enemy standing drops their sword and flees in cowardice. The honorable samurai generally does not give chase, but the player can if they want.

6 Enter Stealth After Standoffs

Ghost of tsushima jin approaching enemies

Standoffs are generally a samurai's open invitation to battle. However, one can mix this tactic with stealth.

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As long as the standoff kills every enemy in close proximity, Jin remains hidden inside the camp for the rest of the opponents. It is difficult to believe no one nearby hears the death gurgles of their comrades, but such is the logic of video games.

5 Use Kunai To Get Out Of A Bind

Kunai ghost of tsushima upgrades

While swordplay is the name of the game, plenty of other tools exist within Jin Sakai's arsenal. Kunai are particularly useful when large groups of enemies gang up on the player.

Whip these out when cornered and multiple foes will stand stunned for several moments, providing the perfect opportunity for some slicing and dicing. If Kunai are low in supply, Sticky Bombs also do the trick.

4 Dress Up Like Sly Cooper


Even though the developer left the character behind over ten years ago, Sucker Punch Productions has not forgotten about the anthropomorphic raccoon that made them a memorable studio to Sony fans everywhere on the PlayStation 2.

By combining the Crooked Kama Headband, Gosaku's Armor, Sly Tank Sword Kit, and the Ocean's Guardian Armor Dye, players resemble Sly Cooper and unlock the Cooper Clan Cosplay trophyInfamous fans are wondering where a Cole armor is.

3 Kick People Off Cliffs

Typhoon Kick ghost of tsushima

The Wind Stance is helpful against enemies wielding spears. The charge up attack is a kick which sends enemies flying back. When battling on a high cliff, one can kick these poor foes right off it into their doom.

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It is ultimately their fault for picking a fight with such a skilled samurai. This maneuver does not work against brutes, as they are too large to be moved by a kick.

2 Observing Mongol Leaders

Ghost of tsushima mongol leader

Players earn new stances by killing Mongol leaders. Stealthy players can speed up this process by first observing them while hidden in the shadows.

This way, they will earn one point towards earning the new stance through observation, and then an additional point after  besting them in combat. Doing this should earn all the stances well before the second act starts up.

1 Using Concentration For Easy Parries

Bow Ghost of tsushima

This trick is for anyone having trouble nailing those perfect parries. By using concentration mode while aiming a bow, the player better understands when enemies are striking.

Upon seeing an enemy in mid-swing, immediately exit concentration and parry. This presents the opportunity for a deadly counter-attack. It might not be fair to enemies, nor does it make logical sense, but it is a tactic sure to rescue Jin from some desperate situations.

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