As is the case every week, gamers have united to create some awesome stuff and mess with games in weird and wild ways. This week we've got some tried and true Breath of the Wild exploits, Cyberpunk mods that make clothes matter, and a whole fanbase simultaneously thirsting over a murderer. A pretty average week, in other words.

Flying Link - via Reddit

Breath Of The Wild Player Flies Without A Paraglider

Breath of the Wild is no stranger to weird exploits, which seems to be proven more and more every week. This time, we've got one player who has managed to make Link fly without using a paraglider. Instead, it involves grabbing a chicken, jumping off a cliff, and then swapping to a bow and arrow. After that, you just need to fly for as long as your stamina lasts. Unless you've got a full bar, that's probably not going to be for very long.

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Banjo-Kazooie Remaster Has Us Wanting More Immediately

One YouTuber has started to remaster levels Banjo-Kazooie levels, and we instantly want more. YouTube Project Dream posted videos of levels from Banjo-Kazooie that have been redone with updated textures, whilst still using the original geometry. It doesn't look like they will ever be made playable, instead acting more like tech demos, but it's honestly just nice to see the world of Banjo again.

Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Makes Clothes Actually Do Something

Alongside the announcement that more clothes are coming to Cyberpunk 2077 in a new update (yay), this mod changes things up so that clothing actually has stats that matter. The aptly named "Immersive Fashion" mod will actually influence speech checks. Clothing is split into four categories, Entropism, Kitsch, Neomilitarism, and Neokitsch, which is actually how they were presented before launch. Depending on what you wear, you'll have better luck conversing with different characters, something that should have really been in the game from launch.

dead by daylight pinhead title

Everyone Is Thirsting Over Pinhead

Dead by Daylight fans are thirsting over the latest killer added to the game? Shocker! For real though, the Dead by Daylight community has particularly latched onto Pinhead and the sexiness of his animations and quotes. If you're unaware, a big part of Pinhead's character is leather, chains, and getting pleasure out of pain, which has got the exact reaction you'd expect. Oh, he also says, "you opened the box, and I came", which is, uh... something. Those chain animations have quickly become the stuff of legends.

metal gear solid
via Polygon

Streamer Finds Surprise Metal Gear Solid Speedrun Accidentally

One streamer accidentally discovered a Metal Gear Solid glitch that has managed to shave minutes off of the overall completion time. Streamer Boba accidentally managed to skip a locked door that saves speedrunners at least two minutes on completing the game, which is a huge amount of time in the speedrunning community, in a move that is slowly becoming known as the "Boba skip". Boba would prefer that you call it Kevin, though.

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