The long-awaited Abra Community Day will finally be taking place in Pokemon GO. This follows a revamp of how the event would've take place due to the limits imposed by social distancing amid the spread of COVID-19, with a new date of Saturday, April 25. Unlike normal Community Days, the Abra event will feature extended hours from 11am to 5pm local time. This will also be the first chance players have to catch a Shiny Abra.

As always, a special, event-exclusive move will be available for those evolving Kadabra to Alakazam up to two hours after the event ends, which will be 7pm local time. Counter, the Fighting-type move, can be accessed in this way.

Players should take note that while the Pokemon GO springtime event wrapped up on April 16, the Legendary Landorus will continue to appear in Raids until April 21.

This past week it was revealed that players would soon have access to Raid Battles from a remote location if they show up in a trainer’s nearby view. The date for this has not yet been finalized, but trainers should keep an eye out for its implementation along with the discounted raid passes.

In business news, Niantic has named Megan Quinn its chief operating officer, who will be leading business operations and international development in its next phase of growth.

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