Pokémon GO's month of throwback events continue and one Pokécoin bundles are coming to an end.

May is all about revisiting some of Pokémon's older regions. Last week, trainers were tasked with working their way through nine different stages of challenges. Each one was based on a different Kanto gym leader, and completing all nine resulted in a Mewtwo encounter. This week, it's the turn of the Johto region.

Again, there are nine stages, each with three tasks to complete. The reward for making it to the end of the ninth stage (trainers who haven't made it that far and want it to be a surprise look away now) is a Ho-Oh encounter. The Johto throwback event will come to an end at 1 pm this Friday, at which point the Hoenn throwback event will begin.

It's not all good news in Pokémon GO this week. Niantic has announced that its one Pokécoin bundles will be coming to an end. That's following the news that it will be experimenting with new ways for trainers to earn coins while social distancing. It has also been revealed that the game's second Incense Day will take place later this month on May 17, 2020, and will focus on water and dark-type Pokémon.

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