Valve’s newly announced Steam Deck managed to impress Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, who spoke highly of the new product and its key features. However, it seems that Epic itself will not follow its competitor anytime soon.

Steam Deck was just revealed yesterday, but the product has already generated considerable excitement throughout the gaming community. Not only does it pack in some impressive specs for its price tag, but it'll also let you completely wipe SteamOS and install your own operating system if so desired.

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Epic’s Tim Sweeney reacted to Steam Deck’s unveiling on Twitter. According to him, this new handheld device is simply “an amazing move by Valve.” Sweeney especially praised the decision to make this “PC/console hybrid running the SteamOS fork of Arch Linux,” therefore allowing the users “to install software of their choosing.” Such an “open platform” will provide tons of freedom for players when it comes to deciding which gaming storefronts they can access, believes Sweeney.

It’s important to note that Epic Games is still suing Apple, and one of the arguments coming from the Fortnite developer is that Apple does not allow other stores in its ecosystem and does not lower its service fee. From this perspective, it’s totally understandable why Sweeney hails Steam Deck in this way. For example, you can easily install Windows OS on your Steam Deck, meaning Epic will get a new platform to grow on.


Another interesting thing we learned from Sweeney is that Epic has its own development strategy, and is unlikely to follow in Valve’s shoes anytime soon. Twitter user “Chito” asked the company CEO about Epic Games making their own Linux-based OS, to which Sweeney replied their “princess is in another castle.” At the same time, Tim Sweeney agreed that Valve’s approach is undoubtedly “great work.”

Steam Deck is already available for pre-order in three different variations with a price tag starting from $399 (£349). Valve’s Gabe Newell believes the company needed to be “aggressive” with the pricing, yet a price point was definitely “painful” for the creators.

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