One of the coolest parts of the old Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games were the secret unlockable characters. While there's nothing too crazy like Darth Maul or Spider-Man in this remake, we can show you how to unlock the alien to really tug at your nostalgia.

Secret characters are basically a lost art in games today, with the rise of DLC and paid additions taking their place for the most part, but that's not the case with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. While there are only two secret characters to unlock, both of them are awesome rewards for fully exploring the game world. Of the two, the alien is certainly the more difficult to unlock. If you want to see your skater pull of some truly out-of-this-world stunts, you'll definitely want to check out our guide on how to unlock the alien.

How To Unlock The Alien In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

Unlocking the alien is tied to a series of collectibles hidden very well among the stages in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. There are 19 alien dolls you'll need to collect, each on their own level. Because some can be difficult to reach, upgrading your speed and ollie stats will help a lot in reaching them.

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First Alien Doll

In Warehouse, break through the wall and make an immediate U turn to the left. Go up the ramp, then land on top of the second ramp find the doll along the top in the right corner.

Second Alien Doll

From your starting position on School, turn around and jump off the roof to the left onto the grassy area. Stay on the grass and follow the wall into the dark corner where you'll run into the next doll.


Third Alien Doll

On the Mall level go all the way down the ramps at the start and break through the glass doors and proceed forward until you go down a large set of stairs. Once you do, look to the right to see a ramp leading to a door labelled parking. The doll is hidden in the dark corner just to the left of that door.

Fourth Alien Doll

In Skate Park turn around and hop up on the ramp behind you. You'll need to perform a wall ride along the wall to the right to jump up on top of the roof ahead of you where the doll will be sitting right in front of you.

Fifth Alien Doll

When you hit Downtown, as usual you'll want to turn around right at the start and jump up the ramp to the street above and turn left. Follow the road to a ramp you can use to jump through some glass onto a path with a pipe in the center. Follow this around, past the floating letter T, and up onto the bowl on the roof. Go to the top right corner from where you enter, ride slowly up it and bail at the top so you can drop down the other side onto a small ledge with the alien doll on it.

Sixth Alien Doll

Moving on to Downhill Jam, simply stop, turn around, and go to the back right corner.

Seventh Alien Doll

In Burnside you're going to look for the small ramp to the left of the start spray painted with teeth. You need to ramp off it and land on the horizontal support beam to snag this doll.

Eighth Alien Doll

Heading into the Streets level, go down the hill at the start and take your first right, then another right past the cop car up a ramp leading to a building. You should see a red roof to the right you want to ramp up to with the doll waiting for you.

Ninth Alien Doll

Now in Roswell, go straight ahead at the start, veering slightly left to enter the double doors to the restricted area where you can see the UFO. Hop up on the edge of the bowl and ride it around to the left side of the door you came in through to encounter the alien in the dark.

Tenth Alien Doll

Now in the second game, we start in Hangar where you want to take a left and use the ramp to smash through the glass into the adjacent area. Grind across the helicopter so it takes off and opens up the area on the right. Go through and follow the wall on the left to find the next doll in the dark corner.

Eleventh Alien Doll

In School II, go forward and down the first tunnel on your left. As soon as you exit there is an elevated garden area to your left you need to jump up on to reach the big green awning. Ride along it to the left and grab the doll in the back corner.

Twelfth Alien Doll

Moving on to Marseille, head straight to the small patch of grass along the far wall and follow it to the left, breaking the lamppost to bring down the wall. Jump through into the sewer and, past the fountain, and up a small ramp where you can spot the alien in the left corner.

Thirteenth Alien Doll

Out on the streets of New York City, take a right down the ramp towards Tony's Noodle and turn around at the bottom to go around the quarter pipe. The alien is right behind it.

Fourteenth Alien Doll

In Venice you need to proceed forward, following the left wall down some stairs and up a ramp to an upper level. Turn around here and go out the back right along a boardwalk. Hug the left wall as you follow the path into the corner to bump right into the next doll.

Fifteenth Alien Doll

Now in Skatestreet you need to go forward and out the large doorway leading outside just slightly to the left. Take a right and jump up the right side quarter pipe on the wall, sticking right along the right hand wall and you should collide with this next doll at the top of the wall.

Sixteenth Alien Doll

From the start of Philadelphia go to the left where you need to grind up a railing onto the power line to open up the skate park. Go inside and head under the stairs leading up the giant half pipe to pick up this alien.

Seventeenth Alien Doll

Once you enter the Bull Ring you need to go off the side ramp and into the stands. Follow the short inner wall around to find this next doll.

Eighteenth Alien Doll

After you drop out of the chopper in Chopper Drop go up the ramp ahead of you and land on top. Go left to drop down to a lower level where the alien is waiting directly below you in the corner.

Nineteenth Alien Doll

Our final doll is in Skate Heaven. Once you grind the railing between the two buildings to open up the volcano area, jump into the volcano itself to get transported to a new area. Go around the left side, careful not to fall off the stage, and find your final doll behind a wooden half pipe.

Once you have collected your final doll this new alien skin will finally be unlocked.

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