There are a staggering number of units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. From basic Archers to Raptor Riders and everything in between, the game offers nearly limitless scenarios. Just about everything has a counter no matter how clever or absurd those units may be.

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Having said that, there are some units that commonly rise to the top in battle scenarios. Whether it’s due to their sheer number of health points, raw strength, or over-the-top abilities some are far superior to others. Here are the most unfair units in the entire game.

Updated October 1, 2021 by Ben Baker: There are some quirky characters in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Many have unique ways of defeating their enemies and bring a lot to the table under the right circumstances. As mentioned in the original version of this article every unit has a counter though some are less so than others. Even the most powerful unit can be brought down under the right circumstances by another. In light of this, it seemed relevant to include a few more names in the list of strongest units in TABS. These aren’t likely to dethrone the original, but ignoring them means limiting yourself in battle. Assuming they don’t shoot themselves in the foot, of course; this is TABS after all.

15 Sensei

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sensei

The Sensei is a member of the Secret faction and is surprisingly one of the strongest units in TABS. His sole weapon is Shurikens which don’t do much individually, but his blistering fire rate will bring down most enemies. He’s so fast in fact that he can launch these at a higher fire rate than the Gatling Gun when fully wound up.


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: Best Secret Faction Units

Each Shuriken is also capable of knockback which makes it hard for enemies to get close. If an enemy does somehow manage to close the distance he’ll activate Shuriken Tempest. In this state, his fire rate gets even faster and he can deflect projectiles. If somehow the enemy still manages to get close he can dodge back. If the enemy accomplishes the impossible and still gets within striking range, then he’s screwed because the Sensei is a glass cannon.


14 Death Bringer

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Death Bringer

The Death Bringer is a unit from the Fantasy Evil faction. A cross between a Purge participant and the Marauder from Doom Eternal the Death Bringer is one of Tabs' strongest units. It will charge down enemies and slice at them with two Death Bringer Warglaives.

Their high-speed and deep health pool makes them terrifying fighters. Even ranged units will have trouble hitting them thanks to their ability to evade. Their only weakness is enemies that can fly or move even faster than they do.

13 Sacred Elephant

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sacred Elephant

These cavalry units belong to the Fantasy Good faction. The Elephant is essentially a weaker version of the Mammoth though not by much. The Spear Thrower that rides them is the real threat that can throw two spears. These spears will explode two times and then draw enemy units to that spot for follow-up spears from the Rider.

If enemies manage to take down the Spear Thrower or the Elephant then the other will operate as best as they can independently. Given the Elephant’s size, they’re usually the ones to get a Hwacha volley to the face. Without the Elephant the Spear Thrower is vulnerable on the ground.

12 Void Monarch

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Void Monarch

The Void Monarch is arguably the most powerful unit from the Fantasy Evil faction. In their first form, they wield two Void Monarch Swords that deal purple explosions and drain an enemy’s health. When struck they instantly teleport to the offender and begin slicing.

If they can deal enough damage they enter into their second form regenerating all lost health and increasing their health cap. They now use a Void Monarch Claymore and can launch spikes with each purple explosion. The enemy’s only hope is to defeat it in their first form otherwise they rocket up the rankings of OP units in their final form.

11 Chronomancer

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Chronomancer

The Chronomancer is the most powerful unit from the Fantasy Good faction. One on one they can defeat a Void Monarch in its’ first form, but struggle in the second form. Given the Chronomancer’s abilities, these fights don’t last long.

In their first form, Chronomancers can damage enemies with cubes that float around their hands. They can also lock enemies in time forcing them to hold still and be unable to retaliate. After dealing enough damage they enter their second form gaining their health back and gaining the ability to hover. They also have a time laser that locks enemies in time when struck by its blast as well as deals knockback.

10 Da Vinci Tank

TABS Da Vinci Tank

The Da Vinci Tank is arguably the most powerful Renaissance unit in the game. Its 16 cannons can launch quite the barrage at a distance. When surrounded it will spin rapidly and fire off cannonballs at targets. It also has a tremendous amount of health and is capable of withstanding hits from the strongest projectiles.

Its primary weakness is the driver and a few units in the game can have strategies that can exploit this. Thor can blast him with lightning, Bone Mages summon spikes underneath and Valkyries can divebomb it from above. A volley of artillery fire can be enough to bring it down as well.

9 Thor


The Viking God of Thunder is a powerful Legacy unit. With Mjolnir he can blast enemies with Thunderbolts from a distance causing an AOE explosion. At close range he swings his hammer with devastating effect causing small explosions that deal further AOE damage. The hammer can even be used to deflect projectiles.

While this Viking legend is brutal against large groups of units he does struggle against other super power units. Artillery units and a tremendous amount of ranged fighters will trip him up as well.

8 Tree Giant

TABS Tree Giant

The Tree Giant is part of the Secret faction and deadly in melee. He’s invulnerable to nearly all forms of melee damage. He is a bit slow, but his crushing attack does tremendous damage and can send units flying.

While being a juggernaut against melee units he’s vulnerable at range. Enough arrows and artillery will put him down. He also can’t go toe to toe with Ice Giants and other brutal melee types that have more health and more damage output.

7 The King

TABS The King

The King is the strongest unit in the Medieval faction. It has monstrous health, brutal melee damage, and towers over other units. It can go toe-to-toe with Mammoths and other strong melee types and its swinging Zweihander can devastate groups.

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Its primary weaknesses come from mass artillery and ranged units and surprisingly Jesters who can dart in and out of his attack range. On early release he was the strongest unit in the game but his power has waned over time. Still he’s a force to be reckoned with and far more cost effective than most powerful units.

6 Super Boxer

TABS Super Boxer

The Super Boxer is another Legacy unit with frightening potential. It has less health than the Giants in the game, but its speed and high damage output more than make up for it. In seconds it can launch a fury of blows that leaves groups of units lying on the ground.

Like many units in the game it is vulnerable to artillery volleys. Groups of fast firing ranged units like Poachers can also cause problems. It does counter this somewhat with a super punch that deals knockback, but it has to fight in melee to be effective.

5 Tank


The Tank is another Legacy unit that is the master of crowd control. It can fire its gun to devastate ranged units, run over weaker opponents, and swing its cannon for brutal melee damage. It has long range and lots of health making it dangerous at any distance.

Enough artillery fire will put it down and it is countered by anti-cavalry units. It also has the tendency to get its gun stuck in the ground and blow itself up so longer fights can be problematic. Its final weapon is a massive explosion upon damage.

4 Ice Giant

TABS Ice Giant

The Ice Giant is a member of the Secret faction and a monstrous melee fighter in this simulator game. It has a tremendous amount of health and is the single largest unit in the entire game. It knocks enemies back with its long arms, slams the ground to create a shockwave, and its breath will freeze most opponents on impact.

Its only real weakness are large numbers of ranged units. It’s one of the few units in the game that can tank artillery fire, but enough arrows or Hwacha projectiles will bog it down and kill it. The powerful Artemis can kill it if she has enough range.

3 Artemis

TABS Artemis

Artemis is a Secret unit and one of the strongest ranged warriors in the game. She has an incredible fast attack rate and fire several arrows with each attack. Each arrow also deals a bit of knockback which causes shield-based units to be unable to reach her.

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Granted, a large enough group of shielded units can eventually overwhelm her. At one point she was the strongest unit in this simulator game before nerfs, new units, and other updates negated her powers a bit. She struggles against strong Legacy and Secret units if they’re too close when the battle starts.

2 Dark Peasant

TABS Dark Peasant

The Dark Peasant is a malevolent force of evil and one of the most powerful beings in the game. With its dark hands it can deflect any projectile, smashes into enemies at a range, and can grab and throw opponents in melee.

There are only two ways to kill this being; a massive army of summoner units or the most powerful unit in the game. Otherwise it’s a dark ball of energy that can lay waste anything in its path thanks to its powerful abilities and the most health of anyone I the game.

1 Super Peasant

TABS Super Peasant

Hands down the most powerful unit in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is the Super Peasant. This one person wrecking ball can fly at incredibly high speeds and pummel anything in its flight path. In fact, it can one hit kill everything that isn’t another Super Peasant or Dark Peasant.

It has a strange counter in that a group of Cupids that can land at least one hit will keep it love-stunned and unable to attack. Otherwise it’s a devastating warrior that requires at least 10 Dark Peasants to put it down.

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