Trials of Mana is a game that can be played in a straightforward way, but there's a lot of secret content to uncover, such as a boss fight with the deceiving Black Rabite. As such, it may be worth exploring the game's nooks and crannies, as you may be rewarded for your efforts. In fact, some include hidden abilities in the game.

While many of the abilities collected in-game are earned by playing straight through, there are numerous abilities that are hidden and obtained in secret ways. According to Game Rant, these abilities allow you to craft the most powerful team in the game, with Chain Abilities being integral to gameplay.

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The "Jadd Noble" ability is collected by simply going to the Jadd Stronghold and engaging Jadd. It grants +10 MP.

The "Watts Blacksmith" ability is acquired by giving Watts 5000 in your first encounter with him. There's no chance to get the ability after this first encounter, and the ability grants a 5% boost to gear stats in battle.


To unlock the "Hero King" ability, you must have Duran in your party and talk with the Hero King in Valsena. The Class Strike gauge gets increased by 5% with the ability via battle victories.

The "Bruiser" ability can be earned by interacting with Bruiser in Valsena. Duran must be in the party. Further, the ability enhances the attack of Class Strikes.

"Von Boyage" gives a 5% increase to power attack and is obtained through engaging Von Boyage before getting to Beiser.

The "Stella" ability is obtained by speaking to the woman in Duran's house in Valsena. Duran can't be in the party, but the ability gives a 10% boost to healing items.

The aptly-named "Fortune-Teller" is labeled as such for having to speak to the fortune-teller in Valsena to get the ability. This is done after saving the Hero King and cuts the duration of status effects in half.

"Ludgar" enhances damage by 10% to bosses. You can get the ability by beating Ludgar with Kevin in the party in the vicinity of Chartmoon Tower.

"Cactus" is gained by locating Cactus in 50 different hiding places and gives characters 200% CS at the start of battle.

"Trader" can be gotten in Beiser's Night Market with Reisz in the party. Speak to the trader to get the ability, which grants a 20% chance to block debuffs.

"Elfin Elder" is obtained through speaking with Elfin Elder with Charlotte in the party. This decreases the respawn rate of enemies.

"Tomatoman" offers the ability to pay 30% of spell costs with HP instead of MP. It is obtained by interacting with the tomatoman in Tomatoman Village.

Finally, "Aurora Sisters" is obtained by observing the dance of the Aurora Sisters in Beiser. The ability increases magic attack by 5%.

Source: Game Rant

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