When Twitch began in 2011 as a hub for gaming and esports streams, the creators may not have anticipated who would use it. From The Room's Tommy Wisseau, to Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, each Twitch streamer brings something entirely new to the table--even if it's totally unrelated to videogames. Like Wisseau and Sanders, one Twitch streamer breaks the mold in his own unique way, and like no one else before him. This man of discussion, of course, is Vadim Kheruvimov, better known as EighthRadio on Twitch, with his plans to woo the world with his infectious accordion chops and impromptu jams.

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OK--the "taking over the world" part may not be true, but he's been playing for more than 23 years, competed globally, and has his own original music! Besides Bernie Sanders' 1988 spoken word album, we're really not sure how many other Twitch streamers can claim that in their portfolio. As interesting as he is original, however, Vadim currently sports as little as 32k followers on Twitch, less than 200 on Twitter, 615 on Instagram, and even less than that when he goes live to improvise beside an augmented ocean breeze.

Perhaps the main reason for this Twitch streamer's videos publicity going awry could be with the invariable fact that the accordion is usually not a sought-after instrument today. On another end, it could also be in part with the saturation of many Twitch streamers playing trendy games and competing in esports exclusively; since Twitch has an emphasis on gaming, afterall. Let us not forget.


Unsurprisingly though, the accordion is dubbed as Russia's national instrument, above other things, and Kheruvimov, the underground accordion legend that he is, hails from this region as well. For a bit of history, the actual first accordion was invented in 1822, and found its way into several music genres and countries within the 19th and early 20th centuries. The guitar, for context, and as a seemingly more popular instrument, also finds itself at the helm of ancient origins; but expanded beyond folklore when electric pioneers like Les Paul and Leo Fender created amplification and modulation components for the strings. Technology like MIDI would later try and utilize the playability of other instruments like Accordion and Saxophone for the synthetic sounds of the 1980s, but marginally failed to reach the captive audience that keyboards and guitar pedals still hold in modern music.

Bottom line--Twitch offers more than just esports, and we all should use the website to its full potential. EighthRadio is an amazing place to start for both gamers and polka fans alike.

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