On April 3, a young Fortnite player by the name of Brady got the shock of his life when he was randomly matched in duos with none other than famous streamer Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar. The overwhelmed fan later said the evening “got better and better,” as it culminated in Tim offering to buy him a new computer.

The exchange started when TimTheTatman was playing Fortnite duos on his alt account. Using a voice changer to try and disguise his identity, he had great fun pairing up with random players before revealing himself at the end of each match.

When he was paired with Brady, who goes by Bradyzlol on Fortnite, the game became very emotional.

After Tim crashed and burned in the first game, the chat encouraged him to add the enthusiastic young gamer to his friends' list and go again. When they got back into duos, the pair began talking about first computers, streaming, and gaming.

Brady was polite, well-mannered, enthusiastic, and has some serious Fortnite skills. As the two played together, Tim’s community began to work some magic.

The young gamer, who is just 14 years old, became increasingly overwhelmed as Tim and his viewers took to him in a major way. They started following Brady on Twitch and Twitter en masse, and even began donating to his channel. Soon, the young streamer had more than 2,000 Twitch followers and over $500 in donations.

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As one more game turned into two more, with Tim determined to get a good result, the ante was upped when Tim offered to buy Brady a new PC if he was able to eliminate their final competitor. While Brady sadly failed, Tim stepped in and took the victory for them, stating that he was sorting out the PC anyway.

If anyone was in any doubt that this young gamer deserves nice things, all they need to do is look at his reaction. Upon receiving the donations, he immediately started giving back, as he wanted to spread the love that he received from Tim’s community.

He also made a genuine and heartfelt thank you video, which you can see below.

Since all this happened, Brady is loving his new found fame, which included a retweet of his story by Jess Blevins, Ninja’s wife. He now has over 6,000 Twitter and Twitch followers and you can see him freaking out about it all on Twitter.

If you want to watch the entire story unfold, you can catch Brady’s appearance at 4:17 on Tim’s VOD.

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