Hosted in a mostly full FrankerZ conference room at TwitchCon, a discussion all about putting the 'professional' in professional streamer was hosted at TwitchCon this year.

The panel was hosted by Adam Kobel and featured cKnoor of Paradox Interactive, candyalien of Milky Tea, LimeyViking currently at Avalanche Studios, and OpheliaNoir, the lone full time streamer of the panel. There is no VOD available for this panel alone but it can be found at timestamp 04:44:44 of this archive.

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The discussion started with advice for streamers requesting game codes from developers and publishers. According to the panelists there is a brief window during a game’s launch where keys are limited and can be difficult to obtain but once that time passes keys are more readily available to smaller streamers.

The topic of the talk then shifted to more general advice for streamers dealing with the production side of the industry. This advice tended to be more focused on the tone of a streamer’s approach than specific actions they might take. The panel wrapped up with an audience question and answer section that actually led to some networking connections happening right there in the theater.


Some choice examples of advice for streamers included:

-Streamers don’t need to wait until they have hundreds of concurrent views to reach out to producers

-Don’t include statistics about views in a pitch. Focus instead what makes your stream unique.

-It helps to share an idea for what you plan to do with a game code once you get it.

-Submit examples of your previous work when contacting producers.

-Be aware of in what time zone the person you are contacting lives.

-When critiquing a game, be constructive and specific in criticism.

-Be authentic about your opinion of a game you have been given a code for

-Always disclose when you have received a key for a game.

-Be polite and professional when dealing with producers.

-Follow up and thank people who have given you a code.

-Collaborate with other streamers who play the game in which you are interested.

It is somewhat telling about the relationship between developers and streamers that much of this advice could be summed up as, “Just be reasonable and don't be a jerk.”

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