Mortal Kombat: Battle of the Realms was released today on Bluray and various streaming services. The animated film is the usual story of Mortal Kombat, where the champions of Earthrealm fight the even baddies of Outworld to save the planet from certain annihilation. Nothing particularly noteworthy here unless you've never played a Mortal Kombat game or you really love Mortal Kombat.

But what is notable comes before the movie even starts. The pre-movie animation where the WB Animation Logo appears first shows Scorpion flipping out before he gets cold-cocked by none other than Ultra Instinct Shaggy.

For those who weren't paying attention in 2017, Ultra Instinct Shaggy was a meme that got started after a YouTuber named Midya uploaded a video clip of the movie Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur. The clip in question was when Shaggy beats up a bunch of thugs, with Midya's addition of the Dragon Ball Super soundtrack playing in the background.

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After that, a Shaggy fan created an image of Shaggy with the Dragon Ball Z power glow, and then fans started putting the new Ultra Instinct Shaggy into various fighting games. And thus, a meme was born.


Fans have been asking NetherRealm Studios, makers of the Mortal Kombat franchise, to canonize Ultra Instinct Shaggy by adding him as a playable character to MK11, but no dice. Now, however, WB seems to have acknowledged Ultra Instinct Shaggy and might even be tacitly approving NetherRealm to get started on a new DLC character.

Or, more likely, we’ll see Ultra Instinct Shaggy get modded into Mortal Kombat 11 while we wait for Mortal Kombat 12, which is rumored to be NetherRealm’s next big project. We’re still probably years away from seeing that game, but who knows? Maybe NetherRealm will have Ultra Instinct Shaggy as an unlockable character in the next game.

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