New Blood Interactive's excellent score attack FPS game Ultrakill is now available in early access. Pushed live earlier today, the current build features 15 levels of Devil May Cry-inspired goodness that will push your reflexes to the test. Having already played an earlier build a few months game, I can attest to this game's quality: It's damn good.

While the demo version is still available for you to sample, you can pay for the early access build to play through the entire first episode and get a feel for some later levels. It's more content than was available before and with more polish added on top. Current sitting at $15.99 for its launch week, it's a hell of a deal that will net you the final game when it releases.

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I probably sound like a New Blood shill at this point, but the indie publisher has gone on to become something reminiscent of classic id Software. Sticking almost exclusively to first-person games, it's amazing how much diversity there is within the New Blood portfolio. DUSK, Amid Evil, Maximum Action, and now Ultrakill all have something that could appeal to completely different fans.

If you fancy yourself as someone obsessed with getting high scores or racing through levels to master your skill, Ultrakill will definitely speak to you. It feels like a mixture of Doom and Devil May Cry and I'm down with it. You can read my more extensive preview from a few months back to get a better understanding of what is in store.


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