Grandad, Old Man, Sully -- call him whatever you wish because even if you've never played the game yourself, you've probably seen Mr. Victor Sullivanis around. Uncharted is one of those game series that everyone still remembers even when the latest game is years old and there isn't a new one on the horizon. Part of the reason for that, besides all the adventuring and thrills, is beloved characters like Sully.

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Per the trade, Sully isn't the most loose-lipped about his life. You have to go digging for answers, and there's probably even stuff that Nate and Sam don't know. But not every secret is kept, and so, a collection of facts about our beloved wise guy emerges.

10 Victor Sullivan, Moustached Man

Sully with his cigar

Sully's prominence in the series' installments has made his likeness one that most people familiar with the gaming scene would recognize. He's a sarcastic, passionate man with an iconic mustache. You can't have him without the mustache, khakis, cigars, or general love-hate attitude!

And yet, that's exactly what seems to be happening to the Sully in the upcoming Uncharted movie. Mark Wahlberg's Sully doesn't share most of these characteristics. Notedly, fans are upset by this unfamiliar version of the beloved character.


9 A Fatherless Father

Young Sully and child Nate

Sully's fatherly attitude towards Nate is obvious if you spend five minutes playing any Uncharted game, but Sully's attitude towards fatherhood and family is strained to say the least.

His father was a deadbeat: incredibly unkind, and relatively uninvolved in young Sully's life. He vowed to never have a family of his own due to these memories, and yet, here he is with Nate. It's almost like he was destined to be a father figure whether he wanted to be or not.

8 An Old Man With A Young Heart

Sully and Nate on an adventure

Sully often gets called an old man, but his exact age is kind of washed away under his experience. He once says to Nate that he has "25 years on him" in a joking manner, but using this number we can estimate that Sully is about that much older than Nate.

If Nate is 34 in Uncharted 3that makes Sully about 59-60 during the events of the game. How's that for a supposed old man?

7 His Gunsmith Must Hate Him

Sully with weapon

In every game, Sully has a favored weapon. His revolver goes with him everywhere, even though he canonically loses his revolver in almost every game! Sometimes it gets knocked off a cliff, sometimes it gets ruined in the water, and sometimes it just disappears.

And yet, he comes back to the next game with another revolver at his side. His gunsmith must hate him for losing the precious weapons, but loves him when he comes in to buy another.

6 You Watch Him Age

Sully, in his tie

Uncharted is a game that doesn't abide by Ash Ketchum's eternal youth syndrome. As the years pass both in-game and out, the effect of those years shows on the characters' models.

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Sully's hair progressively grays throughout the games, beginning with just a bit of grey near the temples and evolving into a whole silver fox look extending into his mustache. It might not be obvious as the time passing between releases helps us forget, but looking at Sully in chronological order really shows the years.

5 A Navy Man With A Plane

Sully's Plane

Sully's naval history seeps into his personality, his battle tactics, and his keen mind. And yet, the man has a beloved plane. One might not immediately associate a pilot with the Navy, but the Navy is often the base of operations for most flight missions and plane care during war times (at least in the U.S.).

There's an easter egg of Sully's Grumman Goose, a popular transport plane during WW2, in the multiplayer of Uncharted 2.

4 Latin American Style

Sam and Sully

Sully's signature look is never complete without his short-sleeve linen shirt. The color changes but the style stays. The shirt is a guayabera, a men's summer shirt that kept men covered but still cool in the harsh heat of Latin America.

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Flowy, lightly embroidered, and just a little see-through, the guayabera is a vital part of an adventurer's gear if he plans to go somewhere warm. Goes to show that a well-traveled man like Sully takes a little piece of his travels with him.

3 A Hard Man To Kill

Sully and Nate overlook city

The deaths of characters can be heartbreaking to players, but Sully has a track record for faking players out with his deaths. He has been seen to have died three different times throughout the series.

He always seems to get shot or imitated being so (though one was in a hallucination, so does that count as an on-screen death?). What a life Sully's lived! But with the game series at its end, it seems that will be his last hurrah.

2 An Elephant's Memory

Sully and Nate

Sully's age might be catching up to him, but his mind is still as quick as ever by the end of the Uncharted series. His intellect is one of his greatest assets in the adventuring game, as his eye for detail and skeptical sense give him a silver tongue that can get anyone under his spell.

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His memory is best on display when listening deeply to his dialogue. He remembers an entire star map with all of its details and spits it back out to Nate when it's needed. Who else can do that?

1 Bugs Bug The Big Man

Old Sully promo art

This fact is relatively small, but if you pay attention specifically in Golden Abyss, you'll notice that Sully has one intense pet peeve about being out in the environment: mosquitos.

Most people don't like the little bloodsuckers, but Sully takes it to another level. It's comedic to watch a man who has survived some of the most dangerous heists and escapades be so nerved by little bugs.

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