Toby Fox's hit RPG Undertale is a game that many hold near and dear to their heart, praising the soundtrack, the characters, the battle system, and much, much more. However, there are heaps of content that even the most seasoned Undertale players probably missed on their first, second, and even third playthroughs. So much content in fact, that we've had to break it down into several articles.

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Hotland is one of the last defined regions in the game, following Waterfall. It is also one of the hardest to tackle, holding some of the most difficult fights in the game (except, well, him). Thankfully, there is plenty of hidden content and secrets to discover, too.

7 Sans' Hotdog Stand

Hotdogs Sans Undertale RPG Video Game

Our favorite punny skeleton pulls part-time shifts as a hotdog salesman in Hotland and is happy to sell you one for 30 gold. He also sells hot cats, apparently.

If the player's inventory is full, Sans will still give out hotdogs (for free!), but place them on the player's head instead. Once the player has 30 hotdogs on their head, Sans refuses to give any more, as it's far too high to reach. Try to walk away with the weenie tower and they will fall everywhere. Hopefully, the other NPCs don't mind.


6 Alphys' Weird Hands

Alphys Undertale RPG Video Game

During the first meeting with the number-one star of the Underground, Mettaton, he will drag the player into a game-show-style battle. During the battle, the player will be asked a number of questions, ranging from guessable to advanced math and "how many flies are in this jar?".

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Thankfully, big-time anime fan and royal scientist, Dr. Alphys will give the answers by making letter shapes with her hands, except for one or two questions, like "who does Dr. Alphys have a crush on?" Cruel, Mettaton, cruel.

5 I Apologize

So Sorry Frisk Undertale RPG Video Game

There are a couple of secret bosses in Undertale, and a couple of fan-designed bosses, too. So Sorry is both, and a controversial one at that. Added to the game as a Kickstarter reward for a backer who donated $1000, controversy surrounded the character when it was noted that it resembled the backer's fursona, which they had drawn in many explicit images. So Sorry is what appears to be a small dragon that has a love for headwear (the hat he wears during battle can be one of several) and a love for apologizing, which he does frequently. "Frequently" here meaning "throughout the entire battle".

To encounter So Sorry, the player must arrive at the art club (second floor of Hotland, North) at 8pm on October the 10th. If done correctly, So Sorry will bump into the player and apologize, of course. So Sorry's attacks are based around art, attacking entirely by accident with doodles and scrunched-up paper.

4 Final Fantasy 6 Reference

Mettaton Frisk Undertale Musical Opera RPG Video Game

After the first Mettaton "fight", his next few encounters are a series of comedic yet incredibly threatening scenes based around acting and television, such as a fake cooking show.

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In the final scene, Mettaton descends a staircase and begins to serenade the player, with the instruments in the background playing a vocal line as lyrics appear onscreen. It's all very nicely done, and it's a huge reference to a scene in SNES classic Final Fantasy 6. In FF6, the player must choose the correct lines while posing as an opera singer, again with the instrumentation providing the vocal melody. Listening closely to the two scenes, one can notice that Toby Fox uses the same instruments as the FF6 scene during Mettaton's performance.

3 Skip Muffet

Muffet Frisk Undertale RPG Video Game

If the player felt particularly generous back in the Ruins area, they might have bought some of the goods available at the Spider Bake Sale. After all, it's benefitting real spiders. Who wouldn't? If they did, they'd have an easy way out of the Muffet fight later on.

Consuming either the Spider Cider or Spider Donut during the fight will summon a small spider with a message for Muffet, informing her that the player bought some of their produce and therefore gave money to their cause! Muffet will spare the player and it would have cost less than 20 gold. A Bargain.

2 Mettaton Again

Mettaton Frisk Undertale Musical RPG Video Game

It's so good it appears twice in the article. Our favorite FF6 reference hides another small detail that many won't notice. If playing on full-screen as many do, the player may miss the fact that the title of the window changes from "Undertale" to "Undertale the Musical".

This isn't the only time that this happens, either. When Flowey (spoiler) takes control of the save file, the title is changed to "Floweytale" and (spoiler spoiler) during the Genocide run, when Chara accosts the player, the window loses its name completely.

1 Tree Hugger

Cooler Frisk Undyne Undertale RPG Video Game

At the end of the Undyne chase scene, the player arrives in Hotland. Undyne, being a fish in a suit of armor, understandably does do not well in the heat, and collapses at the end of the bridge. At this point, the player can choose to throw a glass of water at her or to empty a glass of water on the floor in front of her. Hopefully, most did the former, but we'll never know sick you really are if you didn't. Though, any player hoping to get the True Pacifist ending should give her some water, trust.

Pouring the water on the floor when Undyne isn't there, however, can lead to a little secret. If the cooler is emptied on the floor and revisited at the end of the game, a small tree will have grown there. Cute!

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