Thanks to a group of Call of Duty leakers, fans received some gameplay footage of the Ural Mountains map that was thought to be a planned part of either Warzone or the since-scrapped "Blackout 2.0" project, but has never been released.

The gameplay footage came in the form of an 8-minute long video courtesy of CoD leakers Cheezburgerboyz, posted late on June 6. Unfortunately, though, the video has since been taken down on Twitter, thanks to a "response to a report from the copyright holder." It seems Activision has been quite thorough in removing the video online, so those who missed it will have to settle for a second-hand descriptions (good thing we got you covered there).

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In the leaked footage, the player is seen running around and picking up items as one would expect in a regular battle royale mode. The full mini-map showing different places like Battery, Sanatorium, Ruka, Mines, and Golova was also shown in the video, and of course, the map's location appeared to be Russia's Ural Mountains.

Rumors have been floating around since at least December last year, pointing to the inclusion of a new Ural Mountains map for Call of Duty Warzone. The HUD that was visible in this latest leaked footage is the same one which appeared in some previously leaked images, but importantly, the HUD differs from the one seen in Warzone. This has led some players to believe that the unreleased Ural Mountains map was not actually destined to be a part of Warzone.


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Instead, many now believe that the Ural Mountains map was going to be a part of a mode -which has since been scrapped - for Black Ops Cold War, known by fans as Blackout 2.0. Blackout 2.0 was apparently discarded due to the huge success of Warzone.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this map will ever be released in any official capacity, especially considering Activision's hasty removal of the video from just about everywhere after it was leaked. Still, it offered a look behind the scenes that - albeit very brief - was fascinating nonetheless.

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