Katana Zero's developer has revealed that the game's upcoming DLC has grown six times bigger in size and is now "over half the size" of the base game.

This news comes from a Tumblr post from developer Askiisoft detailing March's development updates. In the post, Askiisoft explains that the upcoming DLC will contain even more levels, mechanics, enemies, bosses, and intertwined story elements to justify the larger size. The developer also explains that due to its size, the DLC is "more like Katana 1.5."

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Because of the DLC's ever-expanding size, many have been wondering as to whether the DLC will continue to be free as it was announced. Thankfully for Katana Zero fans, Askiisoft also confirms that whilst the DLC has grown significantly, it will still be free to "repay fans who have given so much."

Askiisoft announced plans for some Katana Zero DLC a little while back, and while development slowed last year likely due to the pandemic, things are now back to normal and the game is now apparently making healthy progress. Askiisoft also explains that the DLC won't be expanding anymore and the team is now focused on finishing the DLC as soon as possible. Unfortunately, a release date was not announced.

However, Askiisoft also revealed some new mechanics and enemies that the team has been working on to tide fans over. This includes a new level called "The Government Lab" where players will encounter "New Mecca" scientists that will shoot bouncing bullets at the player. Also revealed was a couple of new weapons including a plasma blaster and a fancy gravity-warping robo-arm.


For those who haven't heard of the game, Katana Zero is a fast-paced, 2D action-platformer that plays a little bit like Hotline Miami. It's intensely difficult, but quick restarts and a time rewinding mechanic allow the player to jump right back into the action after death. Katana Zero originally launched for PC, Nintendo Switch, but the game has recently made its way to Xbox One as well.

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