Some silly VALORANT players thought that when the game's full release came around they would be unbanned after having cheated during the preceding closed beta period. The truly shocking news is that they have not, and now they're real sad.

Riot Games' long-awaited multiplayer first-person shooter VALORANT finally got its full release yesterday - June 2nd - after having completed a two-month-long closed beta period.

During said beta period, some players opted for the less-than-honorable route and tried their hand at using some free cheats and pay-to-cheats. That's because they prefer ruining the gaming experience for both others and themselves more than actually playing and enjoying the game as it was intended. That's our diagnosis, anyway.

Of course, doing so got them super banned - HWID banned, more specifically - and it would appear that's how they'll remain for the rest of time. Here's an amusing Twitter thread with some prime specimens of "I'm not crying I just have something in my eye" cheaters spewing complaints in their natural habitat.

One particularly ballsy individual thought they'd cut the shenanigans and go straight to the top - to Riot Games' CEO Nicolo Laurent, no less - and ask him to divulge what TF is going on, with regards. Laurent simply replied with "sorry, no second chance for cheaters." Amen to that.

VALORANT is free to play and available for download right now from the official website.

Source: Reddit

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