According to a recent report by M Science, June has landed Rainbow Six Siege in a bit of a tight spot as the month concluded with disappointing sales for the game. And believe it or not, it looks like VALORANT may be the cause of Siege's slow month.

A large chunk of the ever-decreasing sales for Ubisoft's shooter was recorded on the PC market while the game's sales on consoles continued at a steady pace. The research suggested that this was due to persistent competition from Riot Games' VALORANT. It was then predicted that the coming months may also prove to be difficult for the franchise, as it continues to fend of the popular new title.

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Rainbow Six Siege has built a loyal community of over 60 million players to date and, although Ubisoft has noticed a significant decline in its in-game sales, these numbers are expected to skyrocket with the eventual arrival of Quarantine. Ubisoft has been the MVP this year in terms of its platter of new titles on offer, and the publisher's Forward event on July 12 is expected to deliver even more for fans.

Ubisoft's upcoming releases include Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Watch Dogs: Legion and the new IP Gods and Monsters that give you a taste of why the company is killing the 'independent E3' game this summer.

Valorant Characters Red Background

Promising developments aside, VALORANT has been a significant factor in the decreased Rainbow Six Siege figures and has made enough of an impact for research analysts to note its influence. VALORANT has only been fully released for a month, but the team-based FPS has already been compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, labeled as "one of the most fun shooters" available.


Rainbow Six Siege, however, finds a large portion of its audience behind consoles — a space that is currently free from the threat of VALORANT. The game has already offered 18 seasons of downloadable content in its five years on the market, which included new maps and operators to play. Quarantine is expected to deliver no less and can hopefully bring new life to the game.

Despite Six Siege being hit with some disappointing sales figures last month, Ubisoft's future releases look primed and ready to recoup some of those losses.

Source: M Science

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