Have you ever wondered what a character would jam out to if they were able to step out of their videogame and into our world? Today we're taking a look at Dandelion from The Witcher 3 and what the self-professed humble bard's top playlist might look like.

Dandelion loves grand expositions and writing wooing love ballads for his many paramours, or heart-rending recounts of the ups and downs of Geralt's love life. Because of this, the bard's playlist would likely be full of resplendent theatrics and the most soulful exposés. Also, due to his poetic inclinations, the bard would place equal importance on both lyrical content and the catchiness of the tune.

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An Epic Story Teller and Hopeless Romantic

"Nothing At All" by Gentle Giant is a classic tale of love and loss. It's reminicient of Dandelion's personal artistic style both lyrically and instrumentally, with originality enough to hold his fickle attention. The blend of a sorrowful tune and pining lyrics would play to the roguish bard's romanticized nature, as several tracks from The Killers likely would as well.

"Thick As A Brick" by Jethro Tull is a twenty-three-minute long epic symphony compiling all of Dandelion's favorite artistic elements. It's just the right blend of the bard's lewd thought patterns and his poetic exposé. Not to mention how some of the lines would strike a personal chord with Dandelion, such as:


And the poet lifts his pen while the soldier sheaths his sword

Everybody likes lyrics that resonate with them, and this one hits the nail squarely on the head in reference to the bard and his witcher friend.

A Fan of The Greats

Dandelion, being a seeker of all the finest things worlds have to offer, and a sucker for splendid theatrics would surely incorporate some of our world's greatest showmen on his playlist had Ciri brought him along. We're thinking acts like Queen or Pink Floyd would fit the bard's tastes to a T.

"The Man Who Sold The World" by David Bowie uses the same somber tone, and hyperbolic storytelling Dandelion is so fond of in his own compositions. The bard's predilection for a good story and ear for outstanding talent would inevitably have drawn him to this icon's one of a kind stage presence and, more specifically, this timeless ballad.

When talking of splendid theatrics, there are few musical acts more theatrical than Queen"Killer Queen" would no doubt be included among his most played. Some of the suggestive lyrics, coupled with the song's melodious instrumentals would have the bard tapping his toes and downright envious of Freddy Mercury's dramatic descriptions and not so subtle lewdness.

He's Humbly Egocentric

While Dandelion would undoubtedly appreciate the works of masters like Bowie and Mercury, the "humble" bard's egocentric tendencies mean he would likely incorporate some of his own work into any playlist. The Amazing Devil is a folk-rock band comprised of Joey Batey, who portrayed Jaskier in The Witcher Netflix series, and Madeleine Hyland.

Some of their songs, such as "Battle Cries" or "Welly Boots," sound like they could easily be Dandelion originals. And numbers like "Farewell Wanderlust" depict the bard's lust for an exuberant performance while "Two Minutes" strikes the other end of the bard's spectrum in a heart-rending ballad. Furthermore, the inclusion of Madeleine's enchanting vocals also makes the compositions sound like a duet between Dandelion and his main love interest from The Witcher 3, Priscilla, or Essi Daven from Andrzej Sapkowski's novels.

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