Volition has responded to backlash regarding the Saints Row reboot, saying that it won't be "backing down".

The Saints Row reboot was revealed as one of the biggest announcements of the night, although the reaction from fans has been less than positive. As it stands right now the Saints Row trailer has been ratio'd pretty hard, with over 21k dislikes on the official upload of the trailer.

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Fans have been posting about the reboot all over Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, mocking the game's visual style and the lack of gangster behaviour from the younger characters. Many complaints have been made towards the young crew and some fans are decidedly against the new tone and direction of the game, claiming that it's no more gangster than the third and fourth games.

Volition has been responding to some of those criticisms through the official Saints Row Twitter account, trying to fan the flames a little and calm the community down. One response said, "We are not backing down on this. It’s brand new, we get the knee jerk reaction, no one has rebooted like this before. We have lots more to show."


The team also responded to some of the criticisms being made against the game from the reveal trailer. In response to jokes about the game's graphics, it said, "We don’t think you know what Fortnite looks like but you do you". Volition also clarified why the characters are so young, and why they're acting in a less sinister manner than you might expect from the Saints, saying, "Because at the start of the game you're not a Saint yet. It's an origin story".

One of the most prominent things that Volition is saying to the community is that they should wait for the gameplay reveal that should be coming later today. It promises that fans will be more won over when they're not watching a cinematic trailer, so hopefully, by the end of the day, we'll have a better idea what the next Saints Row holds.

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