Warframe recently released one of its largest updates ever. Titled Empyrean, players get to craft their own spaceships and set off in various missions to blow up spacecraft and unlock stronger guns.

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Before that was a thing, players would romp around enemy spaceships and planets and complete various objectives. Most of the game modes revolved around killing things, but there have been plenty of additions and changes over the years to spice things up. Stealth, escorting VIPs, and pure endurance have all been added to Warframe over time. Here are the 10 best game modes that currently exist in Warframe today.

10 Rescue

Most of the game modes in Warframe are almost exclusively focused on killing things. The variance comes from when the rewards are distributed rather than the mission type itself. Luckily, a few game modes do not follow this strict formula.

Rescue missions are focused more on movement and potential stealth than gunplay. Players are asked to jailbreak an operative from enemy lines and bring them to extraction. These missions can either be done slowly and methodically to safely get the captive out, or Rescue missions can be pseudo speedrun levels where you move as fast as possible to finish it before the operative dies.


9 Spy

Similar to Rescue missions, resources are less focused on killing everything and more on movement. Mastering Warframe's movement systems and powers are key to beating Spy missions.

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Spy is a game mode that is focused on entering vaults and hacking their mainframe without getting spotted. If you make too much noise or get spotted, alarms will go off that limit the amount of time you can complete the objective. It is a nice change of pace from the constant shooting other modes encourage.

8 Interception

Endurance missions require a reward overhaul, but nearly all of these kinds of missions in Warframe are so fun to play through that they can stand on their own. Interception is Warframes take on Territories or Domination.

Four objectives need to be captured and defended throughout the map, with every wave spawning increasingly tougher enemies. Enemies will try to capture these objectives as well, making this an intense game mode for solo or duo players. Those in a full squad will be split up, typically with one person defending each objective. If you can deal with the long waves themselves, this mode is incredibly fun to play in co-op.

7 Infested Salvage

Infested Salvage is an endless mission type that takes inspiration from Interception and Excavation missions. Players need to maintain a safe space around the consoles by depositing resources into it.

Three of these consoles must be kept safe and expanding to optimize every wave. The tileset is small but keeps the mission fast-paced. Infested hordes rush you and the objective, making this mode much more engaging that Interception or Excavation. Nidus is also acquired from this mode, which is one of the best Warframes in the game.

6 Assassination

Boss fights are very hit and miss in Warframe, mainly because of how old the game is. Some bosses haven't been touched since 2013, while more recent bosses are significantly more engaging.

Ultimately, Assassination missions are about killing a boss.  These bosses range from a stronger soldier to a unique enemy with a wide array of powers. Bosses like Tyl Regor and Ambulus bring massive spectacle and interesting mechanics with them, while bosses like Vor and Vay Hek have invulnerability periods that just aren't fun.

In general, the bosses in Warframe that are enjoyable are extremely fun to fight, while the more dated bosses are frustrating. The rewards are good for all bosses, however, as they provide new Warframes to craft.

5 Defense

Surviving against hordes of enemies is a common game mode in most video games today, but there is something about how Warframe manages its endurance missions that make them so captivating to play.

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Defense missions are some of the most enjoyable in the game, tasking a team to defend a cryopod or operative against harder and harder waves of enemies. The mode itself is incredibly simple with little gimmicks, but its lack of gimmicks is why it is so fun to play. Bringing a Warframe you have heavily modded into one of these missions and watching the enemies struggle to get to the defense objective is so satisfying. It is just a shame how endless missions have a lack of interesting rewards.

4 Exterminate

This is as simple as Warframe gets. All you have to do is kill a certain amount of enemies throughout the level and extract. While it sounds boring, it is one of the best modes in practice.

Warframe's movement mechanics and solid gunplay make each of these levels a blast to play. Changing Warframe powers, weapon loadouts, and general loadout composition helps give replay value to this simple mission type. These do get more intense if you can find Crossfire variants of them, however, as two factions are fighting each other instead of fighting one. It makes for more intense engagements and more loot overall.

3 Capture

If you ever go on Twitch or watch a streamer play Warframe, you might mistake them for speedrunning the game. The speed at which players move is only rivaled by older arena shooters like Quake.

Capture missions are the definition of speedrunning. The task is simple: incapacitate the target, capture them, then extract from the level. This single focus means that fighting waves of enemies is not the priority, instead, it shifts to getting to the enemy and extracting as fast as possible. Navigating tilesets while trying to catch up to the running target is engaging because of the way Warframes can corkscrew through the air or stop mid-air on a dime.

2 Disruption

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One of the most recent additions to the game is Disruption, which combines Mobile Defense objectives with randomized buffs and negatives.

Players need to activate conduits that are scattered around the map and defend them from enemy fire. Amalgams will rush the objective and try to blow themselves up, instantly destroying the objective. Loot scales off of the efficiency of the team, and the random buffs and debuffs set it apart from everything else the game has seen thus far.

1 Survival

Unlike Defense or most other endless missions, Survival is all about you and your team. The enemies want you dead instead of an objective, and the only thing stopping you from staying is an ever-dwindling oxygen supply.

Killing enemies and activating capsules that periodically spawn extend the time you can stay in the level. Killing hordes of enemies as fast as you can help keep your team at 100% life support levels. While simple, fighting more and more Eximus and elite enemies as the timer continues prevents Survival from ever feeling like a chore. When you coordinate loadouts with others, this mode can become an amazing test of how strong your builds are.

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