The Remastered Plains of Eidolon have arrived on Warframe for PC and will be coming to consoles Soon(™).

Warframe is a surprisingly old game: circa 2013, to be exact. But what was once a simple third-person run-and-gun online shooter has since turned into a sprawling MMO complete with open-world zones for you to explore.

The first of which was The Plains of Eidolon which came out in 2017. At the time, the first of Warframe’s planned open-world maps was met with applause from die-hard fans. The Plains added giant raid boss battles and exciting new missions, but also more mundane MMO activities like fishing and mining.

It looked back then, but developers Digital Extremes are constantly improving their baby. That’s why they recently came out with a remaster of The Plains of Eidolon that completely changes the way the Plains both look and feel.

First, there are the technical improvements. New terrain textures, dynamic lighting, more detailed trees and foliage, and a new-and-improved day-night cycle make The Plains come alive as never before. Optimizations to the code also improved performance on all systems from the best PC rig that money can buy to the lowliest hand-me-down system that just barely manages to run Warframe at all.


But as they say on TV: that’s not all! Warframe also got new enemies, new animals, and a new economy.

The enemies are called Tusk Thumpers, and they’re essentially four-legged mobile defense platforms that mount enough cannons to take out a battalion. You’ll have to carefully find the Thumbers’ weak spot in order to take them down.


Hunting has been added to The Plains of Eidolon, a feature that was previously only available in Warframe’s other open-world zone on Venus. It’s a bit of a misnomer, as you’re not actually hunting animals for sport but for conservation. After tranquilizing the creature, you get a tag that can be turned into “floofs”, or basically stuffed versions of the animal in-game.

Finally, a new and simplified economy was added to The Plains that gets rid of some of the grind and bring things more in line with the economy on Fortuna. Mostly, this involved getting rid of the build costs for Arcanes which means players don’t need to spend hours grinding out gemstones just to get build a single Arcane.

More details can be found in the patch notes.

The Plains of Eidolon remaster dropped on April 4th, but the console version should be coming out “soon”, according to community manager Megan Everett. This usually means a few weeks, but Warframe has been known to surprise us by getting things out ahead of schedule.


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