A gameplay trailer for Warhammer: Vermintide 2's first expansion shows off a new elite enemy type and a hordes of savage Beastmen. The new minions are just one of several additions coming in Winds of Magic, due out sometime this month. The focus of the trailer is a bruting, double-axe wielding Minotaur, whom I can only assume from what I know about Vermintide, reeks of putrid death.

Though advertised as the first expansion, there have actually been a pair of DLC packs released for the game. Right now you can get a bundle that contains all 3 updates for 20% off the individual price. If you haven't played Vermintide 2 since launch, there's quite a bit of content to come back for.

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The winds have shifted in the Warhammer World and the Heroes of Ubershreik are going to have some serious challenges ahead of them in the new expansion. "Weaves" are the name given to the modifiers in the new game mode for Winds of Magic: players will be placed into missions with a random combination of map, objective, difficulty, finale, and "winds", which function as additional challenges such as constantly draining life. These weaves will chain together infinitely so that players can challenge themselves to push as far as possible before being overwhelmed and defeated. The difficulty will exceed the highest difficulty in the game, which is also being increased for the expansion.


That isn't the only new content, either. Along with a new level cap comes a new progression system specifically for Winds. There is also a new weapon class for each of the five characters, a new level called Dark Omen, and of course, that filthy, stinky Minotaur.

Fat Shark has not announced an official release date for Winds of Magic, though it's expected to drop sometime this month. In the meantime, you can get caught up with Back To Ubersreik and Shadows Over Bögenhafen, the two DLC packs released for the game so far. Between them there are 5 additional levels as well as additional weapons, quests, and cosmetics. If you want to introduce a friend to the smelly joy of Vermintide 2, the base game is currently 75% off on steam.

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