Warzone's dam likely leads to the demise of at least one player in almost every match. Here's the easiest way to scale it to avoid getting caught by rivals or the gas.

Six weeks into Warzone's lifetime and, chances are, finding inexperienced players at the beginning of matches is happening less and less. Even completely new Call of Duty players will have been grinding long enough now that they won't be found standing around, easy to pick off to get a few easy kills under players' belts.

There are still certain spots on the expansive map that prove troublesome for most players, though. One of those spots is the dam. Players who find themselves frantically running from the gas might inadvertently bump into the dam and its game over. Nowhere to run but back into the gas.

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Players lucky enough to be at the top of the dam, knowing there will be rivals down below running from the gas, might also be the demise of those trying to figure out a way up. For those who have fallen foul of the dam, a Redditor recently posted what we think might be the quickest way up. If there's a quicker way to scale the structure, then we are yet to see it.

Head to the right-hand side of the dam and climb up a ladder to begin your ascent. Then comes a precarious walk along a very narrow ledge — the kind of walk that would leave viewers with their hearts in their mouths if it were happening in a movie. After a quick couple of leaps comes a short part where players will need to go back on themselves. Anyone without a gas mask might struggle with this part.


Perhaps the best part of all about this sneaky way up the dam is other players aren't likely to see you. There's a very real chance climbing the dam in this way will give the ascender the jump on anyone waiting on top of the dam, allowing them to pick off helpless enemies below.

Source: Reddit

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