Morte is the newest operator to arrive in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. The Italian-born soldier is a big fan of spaghetti Westerns and looks pretty much like a cowboy. Not only that, but he can also spin pistols like John Wayne and even comes with a lever-action rifle in his operator bundle.

You'd think that an operator with such acumen for traditional firearms would have a voice actor of at least some shoot skill, but turns out that's not really the case.

Morte voice actor Fabio Rovazzi admits that he can't really spin guns on his fingers like that. "It's just an animation," he said in a recent interview, but he has at least fired guns before.

In fact, he's got a funny story about it.

"Sometimes in America I enjoy going to the shooting range," Rovazzi said. "I tried an AK-47 and they had to hold me up because I wasn’t able to stay on my feet when I shot it.”

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To be fair, an old-school AK-47 is no joke. The thing fires big 7.62mm rounds that have a helluva lot of kick to them. Even veteran shooters prepared for the blowback will find themselves with a sore shoulder after just a few clips, and full-auto should only be reserved for the utmost professionals.

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Rovazzi isn't just a guy doing a job, though--he's also a big Call of Duty fan. Now that he's officially in the game as his own operator, Rovazzi has taken to trolling both friends and enemies alike by busting out his Morte voice during games. Sometimes it even gives him a bit of an unfair advantage.


"I enter the voice channel of another team during a tournament and speak like the character, like, 'Enemies, there!' and my friends are going crazy because they don’t know if it’s real or the game."

Morte is available now in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5.

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