A Warzone player got revenge for his recently deceased teammates after parachuting into a tree and then executing their killer.

This is a pretty slick move pulled off by Reddit user u/bumbertyr. After recently returning to a match already in progress, they parachute in towards their squad’s location only to watch both teammates get gunned down right in front of them. It’s a tragic scene, but one that will ultimately lead to a tale of triumph and revenge.

Rather than dropping into an open field--a surefire way to join their teammates in death--bumbertyr instead drops into a tree. This might come as some surprise, but it is possible to actually land in some of the sturdier branches and then dropdown. Which is precisely what bumbertyr does.

In a perfect ambush, bumbertyr drops down just behind the enemy and performs a quick execution, taking down the enemy that gunned down their opponents while simultaneously re-arming for the fight ahead. And it’s going to be quite the fight without any teammates left to help out.

It just goes to show that the best ambushes always come from above.

Source: Reddit

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