According to Brian Fargo, CEO of InXile, the fact Wasteland 3 was delayed could mean an increase in its Metacritic score of around 10 points. In a recent interview with Games Radar, Fargo stated, "We think a certain way about development and we are run very tightly as a result. We're not looking for three to six extra years, but three to six months. For a group like us, that can be night and day. Six months can make all the difference; six months could be a '10 on Metacritic' change for us."

Tim Campbell, game director of Wasteland 3, added, "The nice thing for InXile is that Microsoft hasn't changed what game we are making at all [...] That is what some people I think were afraid of when they read about the acquisition. But really, Microsoft is just helping us do what we do but better, right?" More time means that the team can focus on finely honing details that can make all the difference in the reception of a game, and make all the difference between a mediocre and an incredible game, he believes.

The party-based roleplaying game was originally planned for release this year before being pushed to May 19, 2020. The decision came after InXile was acquired by Microsoft Game Studios. Although this acquisition left many people wondering about the effect it would have on the game's development, it actually made a world of difference for inXile. Microsoft's support (in terms of personnel and other resources) meant that the game could now truly reach its potential. It'll just take longer to happen.

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The wait seems to be worth it, too. The game currently looks incredible. Instead of scorching deserts like the original, it is set in a frozen Colorado. It has also seen some other overhauls, like character management, inventory management, and combat. All of these were problems fans had with the previous installment, Wasteland 2.


Despite the changes, the game's developers have assured fans that everything they know about the Wasteland series will remain. The witty dialogue, dark atmosphere, and quirky characters will be present and accounted for. That should certainly quell worries many fans have had about Wasteland 3 paleing in comparison to the Fallout franchise.

Source: Games Radar

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