Strength in numbers is arguably the key value that players should keep in mind while on the road to becoming an Apex Legends champion. But, how far would you go to save a fallen teammate? If you are anything like Apex Legends player, menardo3, then you should be applauded.

In a video posted to Reddit, menardo3 - playing as the optimistic Forward Scout robot, Pathfinder - was able to set up a zipline from the platform of King Canyon’s docks to the rocks protruding from the water below in an effort to save his friend whose banner had been knocked off the edge, landing at the base of the cliff.

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The entire event took place right on the edge of the playing field perimeter, meaning a successful rescue would need to happen quickly in order to avoid getting caught in the shrinking circle’s damaging force. Luckily, a respawn beacon was right next to menardo3 and his squad, which would allow for a relatively quick escape.

The zipline shot itself was impressive, considering how far away the rocks were from where menardo3 was standing. Once the zipline was in place, menardo3 hopped on and began descending down towards the raging waters to save his teammate.

Everything looked to be going according to plan. That is until menardo3 reached a certain point. As menardo3 zipped to the end of the line, he went down; his banner joining his fallen comrade’s at the base of the cliff. Apparently, he had breached a threshold for the map, which essentially took him out of bounds, turning him into fish food. menardo3 followed up to the video, stating that it turned out that his friend’s banner was actually in the ocean, and not on the rocks. Of course, that likely wouldn’t have made much of a difference for his survival. One of menardo3’s squadmates was still alive, but (hopefully) they presumably had enough sense not to try the rescue tactic a second time.


The attempt was a valiant one, and although it was unsuccessful, menardo3 should be celebrated for the fact that now all players can know that if squadmate’s banner gets knocked into the ocean, it’s best to mourn and move on.

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