The Wii — Nintendo’s best-selling TV game console of all time — has sold an impressive number of systems: over 101 million, in fact. While it’s most-sold game's sales didn’t climb quite as high, it still managed to sell over 76 million copies.

We’re here to reveal which one topped the charts and the nine other titles that came close behind it. Get ready to jump into the adventure; here are the 10 most sold Wii games of all time.

10 Wii Party

This quirky Mii-filled party game had players adventuring across an island, competing in over-sized bingo, and trotting across the globe. The main competitions were stocked with crazy minigames, and the added house party mode brought the fun into players’ own environments. For example, “Hide and Hunt” had players sneaking Wii remotes around their living room for an intense game of hide-and-seek while “Buddy Quiz” had players competing in a game show-style guessing game about their friends.

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Wii Party was met with generally favorable reviews and sold over 9 million copies. The fun never seemed to slow down.


9 Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy shot everyone’s favorite plumber into a thrilling new adventure in space. Journeying through colorful and cooky planets, players collected Power Stars in an attempt to restore power to the Rosalina’s Comet Observatory, thereby rescuing Princess Peach.

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The platform game was applauded for its beautiful visuals and inventive gameplay. Nintendo sold over 12 million copies and released a sequel just a few years after the original. Yes, the sequel included Yoshi.

8 Super Smash Bros. Brawl


The popular Super Smash Bros. series got its third installment on the Wii in 2008. While the multi-player fight game added new players, an exciting lineup of stages, and new gameplay elements — most notably, the Smash Ball — it retained the same fun, competitive feel of the originals.

The added depth was praised by critics and had the game flying off the shelves. It sold over 800,000 units on the day of its release and 1.4 million in its first week, becoming the fastest-selling Nintendo game in America at the time of its release. Over 13 million copies of the title were sold. It's no wonder its successor, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, did even better when released on the Nintendo Switch.

7 Wii Fit Plus

The enhanced version of Wii Fit had players shaping up and having fun through an expansive collection of yoga, strength, aerobic, and balance games. The platform acted as an entertaining first-step toward an active lifestyle, additionally allowing players to track their weight, calorie consumption, and outside fitness activities.

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Critics gave the game positive ratings for adding new minigames and having a design that was easier to navigate than that of its predecessor. Over 21 million copies cycled their way to players everywhere.

6 Wii Fit

Before Wii Fit Plus was getting people to stand up and move around, the original Wii Fit was putting the fun into fitness.

Both Wii Fit and its successor featured the Wii Balance Board platform, a device that players stood on to track their balance and participate in games. Though not the most intense of fitness titles to exist, the simple activities were still appreciated by players and critics alike.

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Upon being released, Wii Fit sold over a quarter-million copies in its first week. The game eventually sold over 22 million copies in total.

5 Wii Play

Wii Play taught users to interact with all the functions of their new Wii remotes through a variety of multi-player minigames. The Duck Hunt-style “Shooting Range” had players taking down a series of targets, “Find Mii” had gamers searching out their created characters, and "Billiards" let participants compete in a nine-ball game of pool.

Although the game was not crazily expansive, it still managed to sell over 28 million copies. It additionally spawned a sequel, Wii Play: Motion.

4 New Super Mario Bros. Wii


New Super Mario Bros. Wii had players adventuring through the mushroom kingdom as part of a side-scrolling quest to rescue Princess Peach. Players could control Mario, Luigi, or one of two toads through eight unique worlds. The game prided itself with a strong co-operative play component, allowing up to four players to team together at once. The more people to take on a level, the easier it was to complete.

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The title sold over 30 million copies and was praised for its strong multiplayer excitement. If Wii players wanted to flip into action, this was where it was at.

3 Wii Sports Resort

The sequel to the famed Wii Sports had players competing in activities including swordplay, archery, and basketball. It all took place against the beautiful landscape of the fictional Wuhu Island beach resort.

The game offered a total of 12 sports and multiple play modes, greatly expanding upon its predecessor. It is also one of the first games to utilize the Wii MotionPlus expansion device and controllers, which allowed for complex motion to be more accurately captured. The game was praised for being entertaining to all audiences, and the over 33 million copies sold reflect its versatility.

2 Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii speeds into second place with over 37 million copies sold worldwide. This motion-compatible installment to the Mario Kart series allowed players to race against computers and friends across 32 unique tracks. Classic Mario series characters made a return including Princess Peach and Donkey Kong, while others like Rosalina and Baby Daisy made their debut.

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The racing title received glowing reviews for freshening up the series and including new online ways to race against players around the world.

1 Wii Sports

Topping off the list with over 82 million copies sold is Wii Sports. Featuring golf, tennis, boxing, bowling, and baseball, this game helped introduce many players to the motion features of the Wii.

It frequently came packaged with the Wii console, allowing nearly every console owner to experience the games’ fresh take on sports and lighthearted fun. Wii Sports received generally favorable reviews from critics and a whole lot of love from fans everywhere.

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