Tabletop roleplaying game designer and owner of QuillHound Studios Felix Isaacs recently dropped another free playtest guide for the upcoming Wildsea RPG. The playtest guide has been updated from the previous one, with new info covering the game’s three years in development. The Wildsea RPG Free August Playtest Guide can be downloaded from The Wildsea website.

According to Isaacs, the Free August Playtest Guide shows that work on The Wildsea RPG is finally coming together. He has released the Guide as a sort of celebration, and to give players “a firm feeling for both the mechanics of the Wild Words engine and the setting of the Rustling Waves.” Even though the Guide isn’t a complete detail of all the game’s rules, there’s enough within to easily play a one-shot session, or short story played over a few concise sessions.

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The Wildsea Free August Playtest Guide PDF clocks in at 58 pages, with many outstanding full-color art pieces and numerous highly-detailed black and white drawings. The Guide’s five chapters cover Setting, Core Rules, Playing the Game, Characters, and Running the Game. Character and crew (ship) sheets are included, as well as Quickstart Kits for 13 character types to get players in-game quickly. The end of each Guide chapter has a small handy blurb describing what full details can be expected when the game gets its full release.


The premise of The Wildsea RPG is hinged on an event known as the Verdancy, when “the empires of the world were toppled by a wave of fast-growing greenery” that became “a titanic expanse of rustling waves and sturdy boughs known as the Wildsea.” Players step into their character’s roles as wildsailors, people who brave the dangers of the Wildsea in chainsaw-driven ships that sail through the rustling waves of an endless treetop sea.

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Credit: QuillHound Studios / Pierre Demet

Earlier this year, Isaacs posted a Wildsea RPG microguide, a three-page reference key for players to use during game sessions. And plenty of other interesting and informative elements of the Wildsea RPG can be found on the website, helpful if you are planning on playtesting the game.

You can find more info and follow the development of The Wildsea RPG on the official website and by connecting with Isaac’s Twitter channel.

Source: The Wildsea RPG Free August Playtest Guide

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