Taco Bell is holding its second Xbox giveaway in two years so prepare your stomachs, as it's time to do some serious eating.

Eating a ton of fast food can often be immediately followed by feelings of shame and guilt. It's the kind of food people enjoy more than anything else as it's happening to us, and then the feeling that comes after makes us wonder why we keep going back. If only there were something that came next that made us feel even better...

Taco Bell offered that last autumn. The fast-food chain teamed up with Microsoft for a massive gaming giveaway. Every customer who bought a $5 Double Chalupa Box was entered into a drawing to win the very limited edition Platinum Xbox One X bundle. On average, Taco Bell gave away a console every ten minutes.

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Well, if that prospect both excites you and has your mouth-watering, it's time to go and grab the jeans with the stretchy waistband. That's because Taco Bell's big Xbox giveaway is back for a second year. This time, restaurant patrons will have the chance to get their hands on an Xbox One X Eclipse. This limited-edition console is the inverse of the Platinum as it starts off black and shifts to white, reports Destructoid.


As well as the console, winners will also get a $180 Elite Controller Series 2 which isn't even on the market yet. Plus, as if all of that wasn't enough, the whole bundle comes with six free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. On top of the chance to win all of that, customers who order the Double Chalupa Box online or via the app will get a two-week code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Two of those can be cashed in by each customer throughout the duration of the competition.

The best part of all? The competition starts today (October 17, 2019) so get to eating! It's probably the only way Xbox fans will be able to get their hands on an Eclipse console unless they part with a lot of money. The Platinum consoles given away last year never went on sale and were only given to the winners of the Taco Bell giveaway.

Source: Destructoid

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