The Windjammers 2 Steam Festival Demo is now available for a limited time only. The PC release was announced way back in 2018, and after numerous delays, we are finally getting a taste of the action.

Windjammers 2 was originally a 1994 Neo Geo game that took off and developed a cult following. The premise is similar to air hockey, where players on opposing sides have to use speed and tactics to get a disc past an opponent. The game is set in the fictional Flying Power League competitive circuit and features different arenas and players with different abilities.

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According to PCmag, players have to throw the disc over the net and try to get it into the goal, or into an area, your opponent can't reach. The purpose of the game is to reach 12 points in a best-of-three game system. To make things interesting, the arenas have goals in different places; each of them has a different value based on their location. The three arenas available in the demo are Beach, Stadium, and Ring.

Despite being released in the '90s, Windjammers 2 has a very '80s style to it – complete with luminous colors, big hair, and handlebar mustaches. Even the menu system and audio resembles that of an old arcade game. The gameplay itself is fast and frantic, with a cartoonish vibe to it.

The demo only has three playable characters: Wessel from the original game, as well as newcomers Max Hurricane, and Sophie De Lys. They all have unique characteristics like speed and strength, as well as individual special moves. Additionally, there are certain moves like the Power Disc and Power Toss, which can aid offensive or defensive plays. The disc can also bounce off walls to make it harder for your opponent to track.


Since Windjammers 2 has a retro, 2D style, it doesn't require much in terms of specs. The minimal specs listed on the game's Steam page are an Intel i5 processor with 4GB of RAM, and either an Nvidia GTX 960 or an AMD Radeon 5750. So far, players can engage in either local or multiplayer matches, with Ranked and Quick Match modes confirmed for the future. There's no official release date for the full game, and the demo is only available until June 22.  Hopefully, the hype generated from the demo will convince DotEmu to give us the full game ASAP.

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Source: PCmag

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