Geralt might be best known for his sword skills and use of signs, but the witcher is also a decent alchemist. In The Witcher 3, you can use his alchemy talents to craft things like oils and decoctions. But you need the right ingredients before you can make anything.

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You'll likely acquire plenty of Dog Tallows and Puffballs during any given playthrough, but Bison Grass will be a lot harder to find. There's no specific area on the map where it grows, and it's rare to see it inside chests. Yet, it does exist in the Witcher universe, and here's where to get it.

Buy It From Tomira

Witcher 3 Split Image Of Tomira And Her Hut's Location On The Map

During The Beast of White Orchard quest early in the game, you'll meet Tomira — unless you already have Buckthorn at the time. She is a herbalist that operates in White Orchard. And most importantly, this woman sells Bison Grass for only three coins.

Unfortunately, she doesn't carry a large supply of the ingredient. But if you want to take what she's got, her hut is near the Sawmill and directly west of the White Orchard Inn. Some players have reported that they can't get in to see Tomira later in the game for some reason, but luckily that's not the case for everyone.


Buy It From Otto Bamber

Witcher 3 Split Image of Otto and His Hut's Location On The Map

Another herbalist that sells Bison Grass for three coins is Otto Bamber (or simply 'Herbalist'). This Halfling is a part of a secondary quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion, but you can meet him even if you don't have the DLC.

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He's held up in his hut, which is northeast of Oxenfurt. If you've been there previously, there will be a fast travel post outside his house, listed as Herbalist's Hut. He actually sells multiple rare items, so his place is one of the more useful locations in the Oxenfurt area.

What To Do With Bison Grass

Witcher 3 Screenshot Of Geralt Fighting White Wolves

As it's a difficult ingredient to get a hold of, you don't want to waste your Bison Grass on a pointless concoction. To help you make an informed decision on the best use of the item, here is everything you can craft with the plant:

  • Enhanced and Superior Beast Oil - Covering your blade in these oils will increase your attack power against creatures like dogs, wolves, and bears.
  • Superior Hybrid Oil - This oil improves the damage you do against any hybrid creature, such as Harpies and Sirens.
  • Superior White Raffard's Decoction - A healing item that restores your Vitality immediately and makes you more immune to damage for a short period.
  • Green Armor Dye (Blood and Wine Expansion) - A dye introduced in Blood and Wine that enables you to color any piece of your Witcher armor green. Thus, it makes some of the best armors in the game a bit more stylish (subjectively).

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