No world is perfect, and that's also the case for the fictional ones. The Witcher 3 is one of the most popular games out there. Not only because it presents a complex story full of intriguing main and side quests. But also because it gives its players plenty of choices how to change the destiny of the characters.

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Some are destined to die, others can survive but only if the player makes the right choice. One could argue that not every character in the game deserves to live, though, considering some of them are less than sympathetic. Some deaths in The Witcher 3 simply feel more deserved than others.

10 Ciri

Ciri Enters Tower To Stop The White Frost in The Witcher 3

The most underserved and tragic death in the entire game can happen to Ciri. If Geralt isn't supportive enough of her and doesn't encourage her to stand on her own two feet, Ciri will fail in defeating the White Frost when she goes to fight it. Her death then has a deep negative impact on Geralt since Ciri is like a daughter to him - not to mention that Nilfgaard loses a potential future empress.


9 Vesemir

Witcher Vesemir

Vesemir is the witcher who trained Geralt, taught him a lot of things he knows. He also taught Ciri and was like an uncle to her - Ciri calls him uncle Vesemir. Vesemir's death, unlike others on this list, cannot be avoided. He dies while battling the Wild Hunt at Kaer Morhen which leads to Ciri breaking down and destroying the rest of the Wild Hunt in a lash of her power. Vesemir's death is heartbreaking for the players but at least he died fighting for someone he loved.

8 Cerys And Hjalmar

Cerys Hjalmar

Cerys and Hjalmar are siblings who have the potential to rule Skellige. However, in order to achieve this and make one of them the ruler, Geralt first has to help them solve their individual quests. If he chooses to ignore the quests, the siblings will later die while fighting Nilfgaard. Considering their youth and the fact that Cerys, at least, can make an excellent queen, it would be a shame to let them die - especially since the players can avoid this unfortunate outcome quite easily.

7 Crach An Craite

Crach An Craite Witcher 3

Crach an Craite is one of the most important jarls of Skellige and Geralt's and Yennefer's good friend. Crach has sworn to protect Ciri a long time ago and he helps Geralt to find her. He also offers to help Geralt fight the Wild Hunt who's after Ciri.

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Unfortunately, Crach dies in the final battle against the Wild Hunt. His death certainly wasn't in vain but he still deserved to live to see his daughter or son rule the Skellige isles.

6 Keira Metz And Lambert

Keira Metz looking down

Keira Metz is one of the characters who don't have to die - as long as Geralt makes the right dialogue choices. He has to persuade her to go to Kaer Morhen in order to ensure Keira's survival. If he does, Keira will then save Lambert and they get together. It's a nice ending for both of these lonely characters and while Keira can be quite vain, she has her heart in the right place. Lambert also isn't perfect, what with his rude demeanor, but when his friends need him, he always helps them.

5 Síle De Tansarville

Witcher 2 Síle

Síle de Tansarville is a prominent character in The Witcher 3 but only appears briefly in the third game - and she dies in prison. Either by Yennefer's hand or Geralt's but one of them grants her the merciful death Síle is asking for. Her death is a tragedy but at least it happens on her own terms and not on the pyre as the witch hunters would have liked to see.

4 Phillip Strenger And Anna

Witcher 3 Bloody Baron

Phillip Strenger aka the Bloody Baron and his wife Anna have a complicated history. The baron's love for drinking ruined their marriage and led Anna to the Crones after she'd miscarried. If Geralt refuses to kill the spirit in the tree, the Crones will curse Anna and she will die. The baron will then kill himself.

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If Geralt kills the spirit or sets it free before he ever goes to see the Crones, Anna will live but lose her mind. While the baron is far from sympathetic, they both still deserve the happier ending when he tries to help Anna to heal from what ils her.

3 Annabelle

Witcher 3 A Towerful Of Mice

Annabelle was a lord's daughter who died when the peasants took their tower by an attack. Annabelle took a sleeping potion which made her look dead. When she woke up, she was unable to move and rats ate her alive. Annabelle was very young and deserved to live happily with the man she loved, the fisherman Graham. After her death, she became a vengeful spirit known as Pesta but luckily for her and the rest of the world, Geralt can free her soul and send it to rest.

2 Sigismund Dijkstra

Witcher 3 Screenshot Of Sigismund Dijkstra

Sigismund Dijkstra, the former master spy and one of the four criminal bosses of Novigrad, helps Geralt on more than one occasion - even though it's true that he usually does it because it also helps him as well. In the end, though, if Geralt sides with Dijkstra to kill Radovid, Dijkstra will then betray him and will try to murder Roche. If Geralt protects Roche, he'll have to kill Dijkstra which is no big loss considering his reign of terror that would follow if he survived.

1 King Radovid


King Radovid rules Redania and also wages war against Nilfgaard. Radovid is an excellent strategist and a smart ruler but also a dangerous madman. He hates magic and wants to burn alive all mages, herbalists, simply everyone who's somehow connected to magic. Radovid dies only if Geralt helps Triss and the rest of the mages leave Novigrad and then joins Dijkstra, Roche, and Thaler in their effort to bring Radovid down once and for all. There's no-one who deserves it more, considering the atrocities Radovid had committed.

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