As you travel the lands in the world of the Witcher 3, you'll be faced with countless tough enemies. The challenge of the Witcher games comes in the form of besting increasingly difficult enemies, from wolves to palace guards to the monsters of nightmares.

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Despite the fact that you can always level up or bring different equipment to turn the tides in a difficult fight, some enemies just seem to be too hard no matter what you do. In addition to some particular boss battles, there are certain groups of enemies that will give you a tough fight, regardless of how prepared or over-leveled you are. Here they are, ranked.

Updated on April 12, 2021 by Michael Christopher: Despite coming out more than half a decade ago, the Witcher 3 has remained relevant and popular to this day. We've updated this list to add more entries and ensure it's still as clear and informative as it could be. 

12 The Wild Hunt's Generals

Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is a group of elves that travels between worlds to take slaves. Despite the game being named after them, you don't actually see them for much of the game's arc. Sure, they're the driving force and main antagonistic entity of the main story, but you really only encounter them a few times.

However, when you do see them, they put up quite a fight. They end up coming after Ciri, which is the main driving force of the game. You'll have to battle a few of them, most notably Imlerith, Caranthir, and the Commander, Eredin.


11 The Crones

the crones in the witcher 3

You'll encounter the Crones, or as they're sometimes called, the Ladies of the Wood, as part of the main story in Velen. These terrible witches have asserted sovereign control over much of Velen. They are ancient creatures, older than the elves, even.

You won't battle them until later on in the game. They aren't the hardest boss fight, but their power lore-wise knows no real bounds, placing them on this list with ease.

10 Bears

witcher 3 bears

While they may not pose that much of a threat later in the game, these forest-dwelling beasts are incredibly tough for early players. For whatever reason, bears have a high amount of defense and health, posing issues for anyone who stumbles across them in the woods.

They also run quickly and knock you down easily, dealing a ton of damage. Add all of this to the fact that high-powered oils and stat boosts are not available until you level up further into the game, and bears become the bane of many players at the beginning of their playthroughs.

9 Higher Vampires

higher vampires in the witcher 3

Geralt will deal with a few different vampires throughout Velen, Skellige, and Novigard on his quest to find and save Ciri. The normal variety are tough, quick, intelligent, and hard to take down. But, in rare cases, he'll encounter Higher Vampires. These beasts are so overpowered that they blend in seamlessly as humans and can kill you very, very quickly.

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Their power increases at night, so battling them in the daytime is advised. Yrden, which slows down enemies, is vital to combatting their insane speed. Also, a player can equip the Black Blood potion to deal some extra damage.

8 Fiends

a fiend in the witcher 3

These abominations are not just horrifying and frightening, they're also deadly. They're quicker than they look, and their large horns and claws can rip a witcher apart with ease. Getting far away from them doesn't always help, either, as they will charge at you with breakneck speed and be on top of you before you know it.

Tossing a Samum bomb toward a fiend will temporarily stunning it, allowing you to deal some damage without it thrashing around or charging toward you with its antlers. Some Relict Oil is a good idea, too.

7 The Caretaker

the caretaker boss in the witcher 3

If you're playing the Witcher 3 without the Hearts of Stone DLC expansion, you'll luckily never encounter this terrifying foe. If you do have the DLC, you'll come across this faceless monster during the quest Scenes From a Marriage. It'll be encountered digging up bodies.

When fighting this relict, it'll heal every time it attacks you, meaning it'll be hard to combat it if you are being attacked successfully. Rely on dodging to prevent it from healing, and make use of your Quen sign. This monster will also stop what it's doing to cancel your Yrden casts, so keep casting it to keep it distracted.

6 Djinn

Geralt preparing to fight a Djinn

This air spirit is somewhat like the Witcher's equivalent to a genie. If a mage captures one, they can use it to cast spells with its energy instead of traditional sources. Djinns are exceptionally powerful with magic and can cast very complicated and deadly spells with little effort.

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Djinns are able to control the weather to attack their foes, sending hurricanes and lighting your way. When you battle one atop a mountain in Skellige, it'll be a tough fight. Use your Dimeritirium bombs to cancel some of its abilities. Many professional players also say to turn off enemy upscaling, as it's seemingly broken for this fight, ensuring the Djinn will kill you in two hits or less.

5 Hym

a hym in the witcher 3

Hyms might not just be one of the tougher enemies to fight, they might also rank as one of the creepiest. These shadowy demons feast on their victim's guilt, driving them to eventual suicide. Geralt encounters one in Skellige when trying to help Cerys an Craite, and again in the Hearts of Stone DLC.

These specters operate in the shadows and are difficult to kill. They cannot be exorcised by traditional means, so you'll have to use some quick wits to take it down. Alternately, you can choose to trick it and avoid fighting it altogether.

4 Toad Prince

the toad prince in the witcher 3

As the first boss in the Hearts of Stone DLC, this giant amphibian is here to welcome you to the expansion with a tough fight. From poison gas to ranged attacks and a gigantic health bar, the Toad Prince is a tough fight that will give you a real challenge.

You can use Golden Oriole to counteract the poison and some Northern Wind bombs to freeze this boss, but you're in for a long grind no matter what you do. This thing has a ton of health and doesn't go down easily.

3 Archgriffins

an archgriffin in the witcher 3

There are regular Griffins scattered around the wilds of the Witcher world, but these pale in comparison to their superior counterparts — Archgriffins. These large winged hybrid creatures are like the kings of the Griffin world, packing a powerful punch and deadly attacks.

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One particular Archgriffin, located in Skellige, is considered to be one of the highest-level enemies in the entire game. Watch out for their acid-spitting and claws, get out your crossbows, and you should be able to best these enemies with some dedication and luck.

2 Gargoyles

a gargoyle in the witcher 3

Geralt's travels will take him into the lairs of many stone elementals, but the toughest among them for players are probably the Gargoyles. These large winged creatures are rock-solid and love to throw to giant rocks at you as you frantically try to dodge them.

They're too heavy to be affected by Aard, and they'll smash through your armor with no effort at all. Keep your distance and make use of your Quen sign to stand a chance against these difficult foes. Be very patient, as well, as you will be fighting them for a while.

1 Gaunter O'Dimm

gaunter o'dimm in the witcher 3

Much mystery surrounds this strange character, whose name is uncoincidentally an acronym for GOD. Using trickery and wordplay to deceive, Gaunter O'Dimm could be seen as being similar to the devil in folklore. He controls a shadowy realm full of monsters and illusions and is capable of teleporting, granting wishes, and controlling time.

Throughout the Hearts of Stone DLC, you'll deal with him quite a bit, specifically in a few quests. Known as "Evil Incarnate," Gaunter O'Dimm is probably the most powerful being in the world of the Witcher 3.

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