When it comes to female video game protagonists, no many can beat Ciri from The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. She basically has the universe at the palm of her hands depending on how well she can control her powers. Thanks to being born to a certain powerful elven bloodline, Ciri's domain is time and space. This not only makes her nearly unstoppable in her world but also in others.

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With that said, the Lady of Time and Space might find it difficult to completely reign superior outside of her own game franchise. Turns out there exists a legion of characters who are just as (if not more) powerful than her. While Ciri can lay waste to many other video game protagonists, she'll also likely meet her match as well. Hence, here are five protagonists who can defeat Ciri and five others who would lose against her.

10 Can Beat Ciri: ASURA (ASURA'S WRATH)

We haven't seen Ciri take on cosmic-level beings yet so that somehow puts her at a disadvantage against the big angry guy from Asura's Wrath named, well, Asura. Asura is pretty much a Dragonball Z character, at least when speaking about his powers and appearance. Strength, speed, and durability are some of his main skills, making him on par with beings like Goku or even Superman.

Suffice to say, no matter how hard Ciri tries, she'll probably won't give Asura a scratch. Asura will likely be too fast and too strong for Ciri. Despite her innate magical capabilities, Ciri is still a human being in physiology, meaning she's still quite fragile compared to actual gods and demigods.



Ciri is pretty much at the top of the food chain when it comes to The Witcher series. That means even the poster boy of the franchise, Geralt of Rivia, is no match against his very own surrogate daughter. Geralt might have defeated some serious threats and monsters but his capabilities still pale in comparison with Ciri.

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Ciri was also trained in the witcher arts in addition to having her innate bloodline's powers. She never underwent witcher mutations so her surrogate dad has that edge, however, Ciri only has to pout to defeat Geralt. Seriously, Geralt would never fight Ciri because she is his daughter and he knows he can't win.


For this entry, here is a white-haired person who can defeat Ciri. Dante, the most prominent poster boy of the Devil May Cry series is someone who can give Ciri a run for her money. Being half-a-demon, Dante has near-unlimited skills and capabilities at his disposal, which already gives him a clear advantage against a human.

Dante is also very much able to transform into a full demon, becoming someone whom Ciri could likely never defeat. In addition, Dante can freeze time and survive any injury Ciri can inflict upon him. Last but not least, Ciri can say goodbye to her soul when facing Dante as the Devil May Cry protagonist can easily rip it out without even harming her.

Link might be one of the most persistent and recognizable video game characters ever but that doesn't make him one of the most powerful. At best, Link relies on his weapon and shield along with years of combat experience to get by. Gifted as Link might be, Ciri's innate ability is simply higher.

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Ciri got the best swordsmanship training that witchers can provide, which would probably be enough to bring Link to his knees. If not, then Ciri could just teleport herself and Link on top of Death Mountain near Hyrule and the stalwart royal knight would literally be toast.


Bayonetta was created by the same people who were also responsible for Dante from Devil May Cry. What that means is Bayonetta (the character) can be just as insane as Dante when it comes to abilities. For starters, her primary weapons are guns - four of them - and it would be hard for Ciri to dodge all those magical bullets.

In addition to being armed to the teeth and utilizing each and every body part as a weapon, Bayonetta can also slow down time, summon demons, and easily increase her powers ten-fold, plausibly even more. Bayonetta might not be the first witch Ciri faces, but she's the one whom Ciri can't defeat.


Like Link, Samus Aran from the Metroid franchise has been around for decades and is an industry-standard when it comes to protagonists. She's beautiful, silent, and mysterious but sadly, those aren't enough for her to win against Ciri. Even with all of Samus' high-tech equipment, Ciri would still defeat her.

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At best, Samus can try catching the Lady of Time and Space using her Power Suit but even that wouldn't be enough. Ciri can keep her distance using her Blink ability, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. As such, it's best that these two video game heroines don't cross paths violently.


While Ciri might have the powers of a goddess, she's still far from actual divinity or what godlike creatures can do. Amaterasu from Okami comes to mind as one of the most powerful god-beings that make Ciri look like an infant playing with time and space. That's because Amaterasu can essentially create everything.

No kidding, Amaterasu can create things at will and even has control over time to a certain extent, just like Dante and Bayonetta. She can also bring dead plants back to like and create emotions in people so that they will hug her. That's probably why she took on the form of a wolf.


Another legendary video game icon that Ciri would likely stomp would be Master Chief from the Halo franchise. He's been the poster boy of the whole series for several years and has an undeniable reputation. Awesome as his armor and helmet might be, they still won't protect Master Chief from being overwhelmed by Ciri.

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Master Chief is only used to dealing with conventional physical threats, and magic is something way beyond his paycheck or knowledge as a Spartan. As it stands, Ciri might not even need to use her sword in order to dispatch the Halo protagonist.


One of the cuddliest video game creatures of all time - Kirby - has powers beyond even Ciri's comprehension. Look past those shiny eyes and blushing face and you'll find an unstoppable god underneath. Kirby is indestructible, can consume an infinite amount of matter and energy, and has strength beyond measure.

Because of that, Kirby is tasked with protecting the universe. Kirby can also teleport if he's on a star, making him comparable with Ciri. The only downside is that Kirby is way too young to be utilizing his powers in a serious battle against Ciri. Still, there's no denying she's no match for the pink mini-behemoth.


As both characters are adventurous, rash, and love to travel, Lara Croft is probably the type of person Ciri would choose as her friend. However, they are not here to take Instagrammable pictures of each other while sipping coconut juice on a tropical island; no, Lara and Ciri are here to fight.

Even with all the martial arts knowledge in the world, peak physical fitness, and guns, Lara would still lose to Ciri in the blink of an eye. Granted, both of them are just humans, but Ciri is tremendously luckier with her genetics.

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